Trying EVERYTHING in My Closet

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did you do

this i don’t know i’m not sure i just

felt like it would be a video that you

guys would want to watch and i really

hope so because this is going to take a

while and we’re going to chop it up into

like 10 to 15 minutes and by we i mean

first off he’s gonna do it i’m gonna cut

this up yeah so i want you to know

that i don’t like you

so as you can see lots of colognes we

have shoes over here pants

some shirts but mostly jackets leather

jackets denim jackets right up here

sweaters are folded over here and then

there’s a dresser with

all sweaters as well t-shirts t-shirts


sweatshirts i’m gonna try to

try on as many things as possible

without making this boring for you guys

so let’s get started all right let’s

start with the shirts i completely came

up with that idea on my own what to

start with the shirts what so actually

just picked this up from asos two days

ago and it’s actually super dope perfect

for summer time put it on over my atos

t-shirt i love this because it pops so

much and obviously without the t-shirt

it also works really well we can just

leave a couple of buttons undone to make

you look really awesome you can have

some jewelry over here well this is a

great great shirt

perfect for the summertime from asos

i’ll try to link as many of these below

as i can i know this is in season but a

lot of the stuff that i have here is


a little bit older and not in season so

you won’t be able to find the same exact


there we go next up this shirt is from

club monaco it is a short sleeve button

up just like the last one

really like this deep blue this is what

it looks like

club monaco

probably one of my favorite brands at

the moment but not even at the moment

like of all time i really like clamonico

just just good stuff good quality stuff

great basis another pick up from asos

such it’s like a a cool

pool party shirt you know you throw this

on it kind of reminds me of the faces

from this closure and man just just a

cool vibe you know this is a great pool

party outfit right here and as you can

see because i am

out of room here i literally have to


my shirts

all into one hanger otherwise it just it

just doesn’t fit and my goal for this


is to leave this closet with that being

just as organized as it is now because

otherwise it’s going to be a mess and

that’s going to take forever so that’s

my goal

justin’s like

this shirt

is from club monaco as well picked it up

probably about a month ago

really like it obviously long sleeve you

can roll it up but it’s got a summery

vibe i feel like the stripes just make

it more summery make it more fun and

less stuffy you know it’s not like a

button-up shirt that you wear to go to a

fancy dinner or anything like that

that’s what it looks like this shirt you

guys have seen before on my spring

lookbook you love that shirt i love this

shirt it’s really great just think it’s

the perfect summer 2021 shirt right here

this this is the one and this shirt as

you guys can see haven’t worn it yet

still got the tags on it’s from we wore

what it’s actually a set with this top

and the same exact color shorts like

swim trunks so it’s like a really cool

again pool party vibes with the with the

whole set it looks amazing just love the

color you know it just really really



if you’re trying to get seen if you’re

trying if you need attention in your

life this this is the one and this is a

medium that’s probably why it’s a little

bit too long on me easy man at my height

which is like the average height in the

us five nine


is sometimes too small medium too long

and that was one of the reasons why we

created atos we have a whole sizing

chart on the website that shows you

exactly what size you’re going to be

according to your height and your

physique so you can go on the website

it’s atos apparel dot com and find your

exact size so there’s no issues with it

and of course the fabric is top notch

so nice and stretchy feels so

comfortable it is the perfect t-shirt

honestly when it comes to t-shirts

you’re looking for three things fabric

the fit and durability and that’s what

we honed in that’s what we focused on

and i i love how this t-shirt came out

and we also have the henleys as well all

right let me pull some things out here

and not try everything on for a little



is the flannel shirt that i designed

with the nordstrom team i love this

shirt i don’t think i’ll ever get rid of

it because it has

deeper meaning to me obviously and i

love it i mean i i still wear it to this

day so i’m going to wear until it until

it breaks down this shirt from alex mill

i haven’t worn out but i wore it for a

tick tock or instagram reel i really

like the material it’s like a serious

sucker material so airy very easy to

wear in the summertime and i like the

color too next up this shirt i’ve been

wearing this all summer long another one

from zara that i picked up probably like

three months ago i like the pattern the

stripes and then i like the color as

well this is so easy to mix and match

with pretty much anything that you

already own this here is another shirt

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from another set from we wore what again

i have the shorts for this as well

alright next up this is a linen shirt

that i got from club monaco i love this

shirt man i wear this all the time

whenever i think

boat party you know miami

tropical vibes mexico basically any any

summer vacation where you’re going to be

out by the beach or whatever this is the

shirt for me right it’s got the band

collar it is made out of linen so very

breathable it’s white so it looks very

summery you throw this on and you

immediately think i’m on a boat all

right let me grab the deutsche kabana

light blue boom boom i’m ready to go

laughing i just

and i liked it so much that i got it in

black as well not very summery but still

a cool shirt to wear summer nights this

is all saints

this has

hearts on it check it out

i know it’s pretty cool this is one of

those shirts that every time i wear

people come up to me and they ask me

where i got it because they like the

hearts from a distance it looks like

polka dots right and then all of a

sudden when you get closer you’re like

oh i see it’s you know it’s actually

hearts it’s actually looking pretty

pretty cool and all saints one of my

favorite brands they are true to what

they make they make great clothes that

are a little bit darker more edgy so if

you like that all saints is a great

brand for that let’s get into the

jackets man because that’s where i think

we’re gonna have the most fun all right

we’re gonna go first with this one from

all saints love this jacket so much i

haven’t worn it in a while because it’s

been so damn hot here in la but

the way this feels the way this

smells the leather like it just feels

quality you know like it’s really well

made all saints when it comes to leather


they know their stuff next up probably

uh probably my favorite leather jacket

of course because i designed this one

with nordstrom this is the bp and alex

costa leather jacket justin remembers

going to seattle with me to design this

baby it was such an amazing experience

and this is

what it looks like we wanted something

that was classy something that would

last you again last you a lifetime you

know this design

is not going to go out of out of style

ever got the zippers

you know you have the shoulder pads

right here i mean this is i i absolutely

love this jacket the only thing that was

missing if i’m gonna be honest with you

guys is a pocket i was really

disappointed that we couldn’t get a

pocket in there but man you wanted those

pockets i really wanted the pockets man

i told them i was like i want pockets

they’re like

we don’t have time i was like

fine i guess i’ll use these pockets in

my pants but still

i’m annoyed the next leather jacket i

have is pretty edgy it’s from bota skins

they make really great jackets but

they’re definitely just


a lot more

patterns going on so it depends on what

the vibe is that you’re going for this

is more like motorcycle vibes

mine the bp one is more going out vibes

right so a clear difference but i love

this this looks great got a lot of


pockets everywhere really well made with

the leather pulls you know and like i

said padding here

padding there

really well made great job by buddha

skins next a pilot’s jacket really like

the sherling collar here this is also

from all saints i bought this probably

like five years ago i haven’t worn this

in a long time man which which kind of

sucks i can’t wait for fall so i can

start wearing all this stuff again

oh look at that

oh is that a hockey pocket oh next

leather jacket is from reese a classic

um dude i love this leather jacket man

it’s a lot thinner than those other ones

which i like because i can actually wear

them more often here in la the color it

just pops this is another one of those

that when i wear this people are like

whoa where’s that from where’d you get


got it at reese a while back don’t know

if they still have anything like this


i’m this is one of those that i’m going

to keep for a long time as well all

right couple of denim jackets coming

your way both of them from club monica

actually well surprisingly so we got the

white one here and then the beige

light brown

one here i think a white denim jacket is

a staple in everyone’s closet you should

definitely have one it just makes your

outfit pop and then this one here i saw

it and i had never really seen anything

like this before this color so that’s

why i grabbed it i just thought it was a

really cool piece that you can style in

many different ways like you can see

myself wearing this at coachella you

know summer nights so really cool piece

and then in the back here we have you

know the gray denim jacket black denim

jacket just denim denim jackets so we’ll

leave that

and then we’ll move over to the other

jackets that are

down here so these are two navy jackets

that i have

i’ve had this zara one for so long

and every time i post a photo in it

people are like where’s that from where

did you get it i can’t find it

and i’ll show you what it looks like it

is such a nice fabric as well like it’s

super comfortable it’s not denim or

anything so it just

it looks


has a pocket

fancy i know has three pockets

oh no more okay this one from cause

definitely do not wear all the time

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because the tag is still here i wore

this for like a tick tock or two and

that was really it it’s corduroy

definitely pretty heavy but it’s nice

it’s fancy for sure you know like you

put it on and it feels luxurious i like

the way it feels on your skin it’s also

a very very deep navy it’s almost black

you know great shirt for going out from

cost cost makes amazing basics all right

next up is this heavy flannel from my

collection with nordstrom as well really

cool shirt one of the most popular when

we designed this i wasn’t sure about it

i was like i don’t know if these people

are going to like this if my audience is

going to like this you guys loved this

shirt man it really like surprised me

how fast this sold out so really like it

it’s definitely on the heavier side like

i’m hot just wearing this now but really

like the deep burgundy color that you

have here all right a classic oh yeah

classic man there she is

i haven’t worn this in a in a long time

let me speak on this jacket for a second

yeah amazing incredible stupendous damn



all right it feels good man last time we

shot this up north up north driving the

ferrari oh


full for the ferrari

there it is zoo you can have the braves

here i think sometimes it’s a little too

much because the jacket’s already pretty

loud so i just fold it

hide it over

and there we go i think this is an

amazing jacket

if you’re trying to stand out if you’re

driving a red ferrari this is this is

the jacket you should wear now a little

secret about this jacket

it is actually reversible get the clock

up so i don’t think justin even knows

shut the front door you didn’t know this

i quit boom look at that

look at that with the pocket this one is

sick it’s from diesel all right this

tommy hilfiger jacket here is so cool

and robbie actually gave me this jacket

check out the detailing it’s awesome it

also has this detailing here which i

really like which is not just the detail

it has a hood

that comes out

if it starts to rain

which is pretty freaking cool so this is

more like a parka you can see that it

has this windbreaker effect as well

i mean just a really well designed

jacket overall tommy hilfiger makes

amazing stuff okay this is one of my

favorite jackets of all time

i haven’t worn it in a while because

i’ll show you why it’s a great looking

jacket right it’s really awesome

love the color the shearling but um a

lot of makeup on it i think it was



i think she uh put her face on my


and um i don’t really know how to clean

it i think i have to bring it somewhere

not good i love this jacket this is from

reese oh man i gotta get this fix

because i need to wear this again it’s

such a beautiful jacket

i love this it feels so nice very well

made it feels luxurious so i’m gonna

have to clean this up and uh there’s so

many james bond winter expedition

clothes james bond

another one from rhys they make

incredible stuff i really like how they

design this it’s so different right you

have this fabric here and then this

fabric here and then like

suede over here

it’s just

they pulled this off really well hats

off to them really well made

love wearing this jacket ooh i’m excited

about this one

this one’s from the koopals

love this jacket man check it out

it’s got a little bit of a gucci vibe

without the gucci price tag i think this

was i mean it was still expensive it was

probably like 250 bucks check it out you

got the detailing here it’s embroidered

detailing there all of this here as well

and as you can see it is reversible


you can just

flip it over

and you go from blue to black the one

thing i will say is sometimes

you can see the blue which is you know

it bothers me sometimes but it doesn’t

it shouldn’t bother most people just for

me when i’m taking photos i’m like i try

to hide it but really like this jacket

this is a great pickup i got it last

year right before kovac this one

very minimal you got the white and the

black the sleeves are pretty baggy which

is like it’s a cool statement and then

the black piano here like it just looks

really cool

this one is from kanso robbie gave me

this one from for my birthday as well

when i turn around check it out

it is awesome man this is you know

similar to the the koopals jacket that i

just showed you guys i love it because

from the front it looks cool it looks

classy and then you turn around and you

know you get hit with something even

more special so i really like this

jacket so probably like two months ago i

splurged a little bit with this jacket

this is from prada it’s a windbreaker

that i’ve been eyeing for a while


very basic which is what i wanted i

don’t really like when designer stuff is

like all in your face i like it when

it’s a little bit harder to see what it

is and this is exactly that so there’s

very minimal branding here and here and

that’s pretty much it so i got this one

here at the same time i got the prada

one they had a huge sale at i

think i’ll leave it here and this was a

lot cheaper than i

thought it would be so i ended up

getting this baby as well again similar

to the prada jacket obviously with more

detailing no hood it’s really nice

thin not too warm which is perfect for

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la nights pocket check we got pockets on

both sides how about that

next up a beautiful

beautiful suede jacket

from reese i put this on and it feels

like second skin like it it really does

it fits so

well like perfect and the quality of the

suede is just next level the lining is

great like it just feels really well

made you can really feel that this is a

quality piece this is one of my favorite

jackets and i’m trying my best to have

it forever so i take really good care of

it oh wow oh man i’m excited to show you

guys this one this is one of my favorite

jackets of all time i i forgot about

this jacket which is crazy crazy it’s

like i’m putting on my

my super man suit or something like

what a find this was this is a jacket

from the koopals red velvet jacket you

know if somebody said oh would you like

to wear a red velvet jacket i’d be like

no that sounds weird but this just

looks awesome it looks really good every

time i wear this out without fail i get

compliments without fail guys trying to

find out where it’s from girls trying to

touch it it’s crazy it feels really nice

and plush

got a couple of pockets here pockets on

the inside

yeah i love this unfortunately literally

as soon as i bought this it sold out and

i was never able to find this again

because i had friends who were like dude

tell me if it comes back in store

it didn’t it never did so i’m so glad

that i got this jacket i love this thing

actually let me do this one right here

this is the best jacket

in the closet it’s saint laurent it is a

bomber jacket go off justin come on it

is beautiful inside pockets it’s got a

varsity type sleeve type of collar and


it’s got beautiful pockets it’s got such

a beautiful detailing at the shoulder it

is from the real real

man i have been planning to steal it but

it’s a size too small for me so he’s

okay how long have we been working

together justin we’ve been we’re gonna

go long enough for me to want this


check it out guys what do you think it’s

definitely a splurge you know celeron

like justin said but it is from the real

real so this is secondhand and it’s just

in great shape this is like a

a staple for me it’s something that i’m

gonna have if not forever for a very

long time until justin steals it all

right let me grab some of the hats this

la hat right here it’s a little dirty

robbie likes to wear this hat a lot so

she gets makeup on it love this hat

next up this one from stacks this is

like a workout hat i just got recently

from them

then we got this aston martin formula

one hat that my brother just gave me for

my birthday this is my

probably most worn hat it’s a nike

workout hat i like it because

it’s just an elastic in the back right

so you don’t have to adjust it in any

way it’s very comfortable

it’s a great workout hat very light very

breathable and moisture wicking classic

la hat if you live in la you gotta have

one of these another aston martin hat

but this one was actually when i got my

car they gave me the hat and i was very


thank you ask martin and then i have

this gucci hat right here which i really


canada goose hat herschel hat

face clan hat

yes i have


ferrari hats but one of them this is

signed by charles leclerc

and sebastian vettel

the two ferrari drivers from last season

but yeah i got this when i went to the

race in austin and i got to meet the

drivers and they hooked me up with this

so very very thankful for

the ferrari team and the ray-ban team

who brought me out there it’s a sick hat

and then right here we have a lot of

hoodies we got sunglasses over here and


and here it’s a lot


and last but not least another


drawer oh thank you guys so much if you

made it to the end you’re a legend i

really appreciate it i didn’t know where

this video was going i just kind of

wanted to show you guys my closet and

the clothes that i have in it because

you guys seem to like that kind of stuff

so if you enjoyed this hit that like

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you guys it’s all at alex costa it’s all

listed below and of course check out our

my brand you know atos apparel as well

as forte series hair products best hair

products in the game it’s all going to

be listed below thank you guys so much

for watching and i’ll see you guys again

very very soon


where are you going

guys i just stepped into the closet and

um i found these i have three questions



second why

also dubious

at best terrible at worst one of my

favorites clown wear just layers he just

wears them all at once bag of shirts

just in case things go wrong hats that i

never see him wear

a bag with his

name on it is this not

narcissistic there are shoes hidden back


there’s shoes here yeah um

i’m gonna run room back here so if you

don’t see me again you know what