Tips to Look More Muscular Instantly

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i want to help you guys look your

absolute best right you can go to the

gym you can work out lose weight or gain

muscle whatever it is your goals are

but at the end of the day if your style

isn’t right if you’re not accentuating

your body in a proper way

it’s just not going to look as good as

it could so why not go the extra mile


and look your absolute best by the way

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dating advice and so much more if that

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first tip for today that is going to

make you look

absolutely amazing is wearing darker


darker colors especially if you’re a

little overweight

if you don’t really if you have that dad

bod going on that quarantined body that

pretty much all of us got i know i

definitely gained some weight over


you should wear darker colors because

that’s going to hide those extra pounds

that you’ve gained

any dark color would work like black of


dark navy dark burgundy even a dark gray

would look amazing and believe it or not

there’s an actual scientific explanation

for this it’s in the way that our eyes

see colors our eyes tend to exaggerate

brighter colors so if you look at white


yellow or red our eyes are going to

exaggerate that

therefore making it look bigger than it

really is well when we look at darker


we’re gonna see what is actually there

what is really there another stylish way

to look more muscular

is to show more skin now i’m not saying

take your shirt off

i’m not saying go rogue and you know

skinny dipping that’s not what i’m

saying i’m just saying show a little bit

more of your biceps

and your triceps roll up your sleeves

because that’s going to make your arms

look bigger now make sure that you’re

now rolling up sleeves that are

already pretty short because otherwise

you’re exposing your shoulders and

that’s a completely different type of

look that’s more of a vintage type of


if you’re going for that great but

ideally you want something that’s kind

of longer

and you have a lot of fabric to roll and

with long sleeves you can actually just

pull them up

expose some of your forearm muscles and

that also gives an illusion of bigger

arms and yes it also works for

oxford shirts like button-up shirts just

fold them properly

just make sure they’re not too bulky

otherwise that’s not going to look good

and when you fold your shirts make sure

that you fold them up to here

not above your elbow right underneath

instead that’s gonna look way way better

now what’s going to make the biggest

difference here

is the fit of the clothes that you’re

wearing if you’re wearing boxy t-shirts

of course your body is going to look

boxy you’re not going to have that

  Men's Clothing Line


cut right that’s why i developed atos my

new clothing brand

that we just launched first of all thank

you so much for all the amazing


there’s so much love so much support and

i just want to say thank you

it’s amazing the amount of pre-orders

that we’ve gotten so far and i just want

to say thank you before

anything else the reason why we have

atos is because i asked you guys what

you would like to see in a clothing

brand and you told me

you don’t want to go with the trendy

boxy cuts

you want something that’s going to

accentuate your body in an attractive

way that’s going to make you look

leaner as well as more muscular and that

is why i created a toss apparel

the way that we cut our tops is

completely different than anything else

just look at this seam right here

right usually it comes straight down

it’s boxy

instead we actually follow the contour

of the body

and it comes in in a v-shape it’s

completely different than anything

you’ve ever tried on we have our tees in

short sleeve and long sleeve we have the

henleys and short and long sleeves as

well and we have

five colorways black white

gray blue and green and i know you guys

are already asking for polos for

sweatshirts for pants for shorts i

i see your messages we’re gonna work on


as well but for now we want to perfect

your tops

i want to make sure that this launch is

successful and that is why on july 24th

we’re going to stop taking your orders

because i want to focus on the

production of the

of the actual shirts and the delivery of

the actual shirts to make sure that you

guys are happy so we’re going to be

doing customer support

we’re not going to take any more orders

so make sure that you order

before july 24th or you’re not going to

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washes they feel like absolute crap and

the fit is never good i’m

average height five nine 165 pounds

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medium it’s too long

on me or too baggy i i can’t how does

that happen

this t-shirt is for you guys all right

it’s not for if you’re like six

five you’re probably not gonna fit in

any of our shirts i’m just being honest

with you

this fit is for the average guy so our

sizing is pretty different

it’s going to fit you for sure all you

have to do is make sure that you follow

the sizing chart that we’ve created on

the website

that’s going to help you pick the right

size for you guys i’m so excited i’ve

been wanting to do this for a long time

if you pre-ordered three shirts you get

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and that is only until july 24th thank

you so much for the amazing

support for all of the pre-orders that

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you guys have been

absolutely killing it and that means the

world to me so thank you for the support

i appreciate it i’m gonna leave a link

below it’s atos apparel dot com you’re

gonna be seeing this brand pop up a lot

more especially next year

when we launch even more pizzas so click

the link below and pre-order my clothing

brand atos apparel

and if you pre-order three or more items

you get 15 off your entire this next

advice i have for you guys is honestly


magic i i swear man it is like magic and

that is why

every bodybuilder does this every single


if they’re competing they do this and

that is getting

a tan if you’re pale but you have an

amazing body you take your shirt off and

you look great

right but you get a tan and you

immediately look 10 times better

it’s crazy and then why is that

basically because it makes your muscles

look more defined

right that is why bodybuilders do it

before they get up on stage so if you’re

going to wear your shirt you know with a

few buttons open maybe showing off some


and you have a tan even if it’s a fake

tan i’m telling you

so many guys are getting fake tens now

spray tan or you can do it yourself

you’re going to look a lot more defined

your forearm muscles are going to look

more defined

your chest is going to look more defined

when you have this open and of course

when you go to the beach

when you go to the pool and you take

your shirt off you’re gonna look ripped

and the reason why i bring up

self tanner or spray tanning is because

actual sunbathing is not great for you

right it’s not good for your skin it

gives you skin damage that’s why we have

sunscreen that’s why i talk about


all the time here on the channel it’s

literally if somebody asked me what’s

the number one skincare tip you would


to me wear sunscreen every single day

that is the number one tip

so trust me when i say sunbathing is not

great for you

so a great alternative is self tanner

that you can do at home

or spray tan that you can go somewhere

and get it done and that is literally

what bodybuilders do

before they jump on stage every single

time for every shirt the next style tip

that i have for you guys is using

stripes to your advantage now

there’s been a huge discussion about

this for probably like 30 years

back in the day they would say that

vertical stripes would make you look

taller and thinner leaner nowadays

people have changed their minds

and people are saying that horizontal

stripes actually make you look

taller and thinner i mean you can take

these stripes right here and make your

own conclusion which one do you think

is slimmer what i would say is that it

really depends on your body type if you


a bigger guy wearing horizontal stripes

is probably not the way to go you might

want to go vertical stripes

and if you’re thinner then you might

want to wear horizontal stripes and

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that’s going to make you look better

but that all comes with testing so one

of the biggest things that we talk about

here on the channel is

experimentation right trying things out

because when you don’t try things out

you’re stuck in your box

you don’t grow you don’t evolve you

don’t change you don’t get better

this is one of those easy experiments

that you can do at home try horizontal

stripes see how it looks

and then try vertical stripes and see

how that looks take it a little bit

deeper even how about

thin stripes versus thicker wider


how does that change your appearance it

is absolutely crazy

how those little details can make such a

big impact in the way that you look

so why not play around with it and find

something that makes you look

amazing that gives you the confidence

that you need and deserve to have an

amazing life it’s crazy to me that


don’t try things out man because when

you don’t like i said you’re stagnant

you’re not gonna grow you’re not gonna

change let me tell you guys life is

about constant change man constant

growth every single day

if you’re doing something better today

than you were yesterday you’re winning

that is all that life is about my next

tip for you guys

is a little bit of manscaping of course

you know i’m a pretty hairy dude but uh

i trim my arms because otherwise you

can’t see

any of this definition here on my arms

because it would be covered

with hair right so do the same with your

arms as well if you’re a pretty hairy

dude and you want to show off

more of that definition on your forearm

well you might want to trim your forearm

right same with your legs and definitely

the same with your abs and your chest

you can play around with the length of

the hair

right you can choose it on the trimmer

and see what looks better

on your body type with your muscles

everyone is unique man that is the

beauty of life

everyone is different so try it out try

things out until you see what looks best

for you this is another trick that

bodybuilders use right there’s no hairy

bodybuilders on shows like they

basically shave their whole body and

that’s because

without the hair you can see the very

little definitions in all of their

muscles and

that’s going to make them look a lot

better a lot leaner stronger and

definitely more muscular guys

pre-order your atos apparel shirts now

only until july 24th which is this

coming saturday

then we stop taking orders thank you

guys so much for the support on this


it really means the world to me and i

cannot wait

for you guys to try this on it is unlike

anything you’ve ever tried on

it feels amazing you’re going to

absolutely love the fit

the fabric and of course our new brand

thank you guys so much for watching and

i’ll see you again

very very soon peace