The 5 Most Important Improvements YOU NEED To Make NOW

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alex i want to become better i want to

evolve i want to grow

i just don’t know where to start what

are the first steps that i need to take

to get there because i get it man those

first few steps

they are the hardest steps that you can

take so that’s why today we’re gonna be

discussing five simple things that you

can change

right now those first few steps and

that’s gonna have a huge impact on your


on your personality and everything else

around by the way on this channel we

discuss everything from men’s fashion

grooming health

self-help dating and so much more if

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million subscribers our first tip for


is something that you must start doing


everything and that is being impeccable

with everything one great way to make

yourself a better person

is by being thorough with everything no

matter what they are no matter how small

these things are

right when you’re doing house chores

make sure that you do them

perfectly impeccably why

because that’s how you should be

treating everything in your life because

if you’re a half-assed kind of person

with the house chores you’re gonna be a

half-assed kind of person with

everything else that you do and that is

not a good habit to form

i try to be impeccable with everything

that i do you see it here on the channel

i try to bring you guys beautiful

footage for every video i try to really

level this up as much as possible

while maintaining my posting schedule

and i do that with everything i try to

keep my place organized my car clean

i mean everything that i do i try to be

a perfectionist

obviously nothing is perfect but i try

my best so just remember

anything that you do in everything that

you do it’s all worth doing

impeccably so give every task your all

and trust me your life will change one

of the most important aspects of your


is also health right and if you want to

improve yourself

you have to improve your health first

that is literally the most important


in the world because when you’re not


you can’t do anything and you definitely

cannot do things impeccably because

you’re not gonna have the energy

or the health to do and as you guys know

in 2020 and early 2021 i mean we were


proven that health is everything without

it we can’t go outside

we can’t travel we can’t mingle and meet

new friends we can’t go out on dates so

you need

to take care of your health because that

comes first above

everything else and by the way i

definitely mean physical

health your body your muscles but also

mental health you have to make sure that

you’re taking care of your mental health

and it’s funny one of the best things

for my mental health is definitely

working out i love working out it’s like

my meditation i don’t meditate

but when i work out it’s such a good

feeling i control that time

it’s just me and the weights or me and

the bike me and the treadmill

and i am having a blast i clear my mind

i love it and i highly recommend you

guys start doing the same now you can’t


improve your health if you don’t know

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thing is

being healthy is everything right it’s

crazy how when you’re sick

the only thing you think about is being

healthy you’re not thinking about

anything else you’re like man i wish i

was healthy

so that i could go see my friends man i

wish i was healthy so that i could get

my work done

i wish i was healthy so that i could

work out that’s all you want

you just want to be healthy so make sure

that you are taking great care of your

body not only by working out

using technology to make sure that

you’re achieving your goals but also


healthy you have to eat healthy you

cannot just work out trust me i’ve done

it i used to work out every single day

and then eat like crap

sure you’re going to grow some muscles

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but that’s about it you’re not going all

the way what is your true potential what

is your full

potential you’re only gonna find out

when you are impeccable with your health

all right next

i have something that i believe every

guy should know how to do every person

should know how to do

your boy alex here is not very good at

it but he’s learning he’s getting better

all right that is cooking it’s a skill

that most guys should have but a lot

of us ignore it especially in today’s

age where you know uber eats and post

mates and

deliveroo or whatever you guys have over

there in europe it’s just everywhere

right so it’s very easy it’s very

practical but in reality you should know

how to cook i’m a lucky man my

girlfriend robbie is an amazing cook

she cooks us great dinner and i’m very

happy with that

but you know i want to make sure that

i’m also learning because

i i think it’s a good skill to have let

me tell you this there is

nothing more romantic nothing more

classy than cooking

your date an amazing home meal like a

home-cooked meal when she asks you hey

what are we doing tomorrow night for our

date you can just say you know what

you just come over don’t bring anything

and i’m gonna cook us

an amazing home-cooked meal i mean dude

that is all you need to say she’s gonna

be there a guy who knows how to cook

just comes off as responsible mature

right it’s different i wish i could now

it’s an attractive skill and and it’s

one of those things that

it just makes you more confident because

if you can pull that off

right if you can bring a girl over and

have that as a date and pull off an

amazing home-cooked meal

it’s gonna give you that confidence

boost that you need as a man to feel


to crush in anything that you do in life

so i highly recommend

that you learn how to cook asap so

you’re impeccable with everything

your health included you know how to

cook well the next tip is probably the

most obvious tip

this is when you know how to dress to


then trust me good things will come

there’s that saying dress for the job i

don’t know exactly how it goes dress for

the job that you want or deserve

not the job that you currently have

right and i always see this meme the

formula one meme of like guys dressed in

a formula one race suit

because that’s the job they want and i

always laugh at it because it’s like

that’s so true man that is the dream job

if i could choose any other job besides

doing this which i love very much

it would have to be racy and f1 car man

that is just a sick

sick job all right i’m rambling about f1

again here we go

let’s go back to the topic here dressing

well not in a race suit when people see

you the first thing they see

is your style your appearance and that

goes for your hair your beard

but mostly your fashion sense as well

right because that tells people

who you really are it tells people what

your personality is like if you’re an

edgy badass kind of guy you throw on a

leather jacket

people see that if you’re a serious

businessman you’re probably gonna have a

  8 Ways to Style a Polo

side part

right you’re probably gonna have a suit

or at least like a button-up shirt that

fits you perfectly

you can kind of understand people’s


through fashion and that’s what’s so

beautiful and as you guys know first

impressions really matter especially in

today’s world nobody’s got time for


it’s first impression oh i didn’t like

it that’s it we’re done

moving on that’s how it is it’s

cutthroat so guys i can’t express this


you have to dress well there are so many

videos out there not only on my channel

but other incredible youtubers as well

making fashion videos for you guys to

make sure that you dress

absolutely amazing right if you don’t

like my style there are so many other

youtubers out there

make sure that you are learning evolving

and that you find your own style because

trust me you want to make a good first

impression no matter who you’re seeing

and my next tip for you guys is to plan

for the future one of the biggest

mistakes that most people make

is not planning ahead right things are

always changing

we’re constantly evolving and

progressing not planning for the future

is gonna be huge it’s a huge mistake but

the sooner you start to plan for the


the better for you because you start to

visualize it and you start to

kind of understand where you’re going to

be later on right and then you can kind

of decide hey should i

save money because i’m thinking about

moving next year and that’s going to

take a little bit of money right

i need some funds so that i can move

maybe i shouldn’t buy this card that i’m

looking at maybe i shouldn’t buy this

new laptop or iphone so you might think

that the future is still far away but

the sooner you start to plan for the

future the better for you

set your long and short-term goals start

saving set up an emergency fund you know

get insurance

start planning to buy a house i know so

many people are like oh man but i’m only


i’m only in my early 20s start saving

man if you want a house in today’s world

you’re gonna have to pay a lot you have

to save a lot of money when you know

what your dream job is you can start

forging your path and finding a way

to it but if you don’t know what it is

you’re just going with the wind

going with the flow which is all right

but you’re not going to get where you

want to be

plan for the future and take control of

your life click the first link below to

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it’s at alex costa thank you guys so

much for watching

for supporting me i really appreciate it

and i cannot wait to see you guys again

very very soon peace