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oh so you’re going on vacation and you

don’t know what to wear

all right well i got you because in

today’s video i want to put together

amazing outfits for a weekend getaway

so that when you’re ready to get out

there and enjoy a little vacation i got

you covered and if you’re new here

welcome my name is alex and this is my

channel where we’re talking about men’s


grooming hairstyles and so much more if

that sounds good to you

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today’s video is sponsored by stitch fix

i’ve literally been working with them

for years i love their service and their

stylist so we will talk about them a

little bit later when you’re going on


you need to keep one thing in mind

always and that is

space right you have limited space to

bring your clothes usually

a carry-on luggage and a backpack so

that’s what we’re going off of today of

course you can always check

in luggage but i feel like that’s pretty


for a weekend getaway i’ve done it


but it’s too much that means that you

can’t bring a bunch of pairs of shoes

you know you can’t really bring a lot of

jackets because they tend to take up a

lot of room in your suitcase but today’s

theme is summer vacation so no jackets

needed the next thing i want you to

think about when packing for a trip

is finding pieces that are versatile

versatility of an item is

very important because it means that you

can wear that same item

in multiple different outfits so ideally

you get items that are easy to mix and

match instead of bringing let’s say

a bunch of patterns and colors that are

just going to be a lot more difficult to

mix with the outfits

that you’re bringing with you so let’s

start with this first outfit here we’ll

go with this

tan button up short sleeve from paige

that i’m wearing right now

this shirt is beautiful it has really

cool detail on the sleeves here you can

roll up the sleeves

and button it up this is a great

vacation shirt because

it’s versatile like i said it’s easy to

wear with any shorts or jeans it will


awesome regardless now i could wear

these shorts here from ferrity

they’re very clean easy to wear and

again versatile

then white sneakers that’s going to tie

this whole look together this is such an


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summer vacation outfit any guy can pull

this off and look amazing now you might

be saying well

that looks easy alex but you put it

together yourself of course it’s easy

for you i can’t do that

i don’t know how to put outfits together

well let me tell you this i’m not a


all right the truth is i didn’t put this

together today’s sponsor

stitch fix they put this whole outfit

together for me stitchfix is a

personalized styling service that


real expert stylists who get to know

your preferences like the colors that

you like or hate

the fabric or brands that you prefer and

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together by the

the stylist specifically for you so it’s

not a guessing game you know they’re

going to send you amazing pieces from

tommy hilfiger perry ellis levi’s adidas

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cool brands so here’s the thing you only

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order they also send you this pamphlet

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it’s not a subscription system you can

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are free and easy with the prepaid label


they send so i mean honestly overall

stitch fix is one of my favorite brands

to work

with here on the channel because what

they offer is truly unique you know it’s


it goes hand in hand with what i’m

always telling you guys here try new


learn as much as possible explore you

know and continue to improve daily so

thank you stitchfix for helping us out

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it’s a risk-free way to try out some new

outfits put together by a professional

all right so we have

one outfit ready thanks to stitch fix

and what we’re going to try to do is

reuse the sneakers

to create another outfit otherwise you

have to bring another pair of sneakers

and that’s going to take up a lot of


in the suitcase right so so we’ll do

this blue short sleeve button-up shirt


barney cools in light blue it has a

leopard and palm tree uh print so it

gives off a really cool vacation vibe

for sure

right stitch fix sent me this one as

well and i can pair with the ferrari


if i want that would look good but i’m

going to bring these navy blue shorts

here instead

that way i have options and the beauty

of these shorts here is that i can also

wear them with the paid

shirt if i wanted to change it up

they’re all interchangeable and that’s

exactly what you want when you’re

packing for a trip right again

the white sneakers will go really well

with either of these outfits so this is

perfect all right next

i’m going to pick a going out at night

outfit something a little bit more

dressy i always like to bring one of

these in my trips because you never know

what you’re gonna do

i’m gonna make it super easy though

linen sweater

so it looks fancy but it’s breathable

and a perfect

sweater for a summer night then pair it

with these navy chinos i love this

because i can actually wear these chinos

with the leopard print shirt

with the paige shirt it looks great or

with the sweater

it’s the perfect way to tie everything

together so that is outfit number three

now for number four

let’s go with a really cool retro sports


which might honestly let’s make this my

airport outfit which is honestly my

favorite thing

all right what i like to do for a

weekend trip is bring one or two pairs

of shoes in my carry-on

depending on how much room i have and

then wear a different pair of shoes

on the flight and to me there are always

two really important things when it

comes to airport outfits number one

it needs to be comfortable ideally no

heavy denim

or leather right you want something more

breathable and flexible because you’re

gonna be sitting there for

who knows how long right it could be a

two hour flight could be a ten hour

flight and two

it needs to keep you warm the ac in some

of these flights man

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it’s crazy they crank that thing so it

gets cold so i always

either wear a sweater or a hoodie or i

bring one in my carry-on with me because

i definitely tend to get cold on these

flights and if i don’t have anything

then i usually get sick so i’m gonna

wear these daytona retro runners from

gola these look

awesome man super on trend comfortable

easy to wear and of course easy to mix

and match

if i wanted to wear with the other

outfits that i’m already bringing

you could wear shorts if you want to

these from vori are crazy comfortable

stitch fix sent me them as well as the

golov sneakers and they look really well


but i’m gonna change it up a little bit

here and explore

with something a little bit different

i’m gonna pull the navy pants

that i wanted to bring anyway and wear

them with the gola sneakers

that way i’m not cold on my flight

then i’m gonna add a pair of white jeans

into my suitcase to replace the navy

trousers because now we have the room so

check this out what this does

is it gives me so many new options right

i can wear the white

jeans with literally all three tops i’m

bringing if i decide to not wear

shorts for whatever reason i can just

swap them for the white jeans so we have

these sneakers

navy pants and on top i’ll go with the


t-shirt which is breathable stretchy

very comfortable perfect for this flight

and a hoodie on top to keep me warm on

my flight all right so

let’s see we have the three outfits plus

the airport outfit so that’s four

then we have variations for each outfits

by swapping the shorts for

white or navy pants so which one did you

like the most

let me know in the comment section down

below and of course get your first box

from stitch fix by clicking the link


they will send you incredible outfits

ready to wear so you don’t have to think

about it

their stylists are going to do it all

for you

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costa thank you guys so much for

watching enjoy your vacation and i’ll

see you again

very very soon peace