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i’m gonna go back to bed how many times

have we all done that a bunch of times

right i know i’ve done it i’m guilty man

i wake up sometimes and i’m like

that’s just not gonna happen it’s just

not gonna happen today man

i’m it’s no there’s no amount of

pre-workout it’s gonna get me to work

out today i worked out yesterday

i’ll work out tomorrow you know it’s

very normal to feel like giving up after

a few weeks of working out

but today i want to show you some ways

that will make you enjoy working out

more because once you start enjoying it

everything changes once you enjoy

working out it’s almost

addicting like you you don’t feel good

when you don’t work out

and that’s where i’m at currently i feel

so good after i work out

and if for some reason i feel like i’m

going to miss my workout that day

i will do everything i can everything in

my power

to move things around in my schedule so

that i can get my workout in

and the first tip today is working out

with friends having a

gym buddy having someone who’s going to

hold you accountable

ideally a really good friend right

because friends they motivate us

to do pretty much everything right they

would always look out for you and

cheer you on even like keep going man

one more two more right they will hype

you up

and most importantly your buddies are

gonna drag you to the gym

on those days that you don’t feel like

going and then you kind of do the same

to them

right when they don’t feel like going

you’re like dude i’m ready i already

took my pre-workout i’ma pick you up

we’re gonna go to the gym working out

with friends can also make it more

adventurous more fun

and you can do heavier weights you know

you can do more reps

longer workouts without being boring

because you can talk to them

it’s also a little friendly competition

to keep the heat up and when you’re

picking your workout buddy

try to find somebody who has a similar

workout routine right who has similar


otherwise they’re going to be doing

cardio you’re going to be lifting heavy

it’s not the same

also make sure that your schedules match

otherwise you’re never going to be

working out together the second

effective way to enjoy working out is by

focusing on the results

from your workout the act of working out

is fun i enjoy it i like it

it’s very cl it clears my mind i really

enjoy that but

the results that’s where it’s really at

you know it’s one of the most satisfying

things about working out when you start

to see those results after a few weeks a

few months

you start getting bigger muscles right

your clothes

fit a little bit better or you’re losing

a little bit of weight

whatever your goals are once you start

to achieve them then you’re like man i

gotta keep going because

if i look this good now imagine three

six months

nine months from now so look at the

results that you’ve gotten from working

out and let that motivate you to keep



harder stronger and longer now besides

having workout buddies like physical

workout buddies there with you

joining a workout community is also a

really good way to enjoy working out

because at the end of the day when you


one friend it’s if he can’t make it for

whatever reason and you can’t drag him

then it’s back to just you right ideally

you have a large community so you

understand where you fit into that

community where you

are and then that’s going to motivate

you that is going to hold you

accountable even on the days that your

friend doesn’t want to go to the gym

guys i’m going to go ahead and say that

there is no better workout community

than the community from moop now whoop

is a fitness and health tracker

that helps you monitor your life your

activities to make sure that you’re

living healthy you guys are always

asking me alex

what do you do to stay healthy and i’ll

be honest this is a big

big part of it you see me wearing my

whoop strap every single day because i

wear 24 7 to sleep to shower everything

sometimes here

sometimes around my biceps so you see it

sometimes through my shirt

because it tracks my calories that i’m

burning throughout the day the strain

that i’m putting onto my body

and then also my sleep how many hours

i’m getting how many times i’m waking up

at night if i’m getting good

deep sleep or if i’m getting crappy

sleep that’s not really solving the

problem and it’s not really recovering

my body so it gives you

incredible data it pushes you forward it

tells you exactly

what you need to do to burn more

calories to sleep longer so that you can

build more muscle

etc etc so that’s amazing but one of the

features that i like the most about


is that it allows you to join a whoop

team where you can

see how everyone else is doing so i’m

part of a bunch of teams

men 30 to 40 um men in los angeles

men in california i actually have my own

team the alex costa team and we have

about 400 people there

400 of you guys there and we’re i’m

always checking it to see how you guys

are doing and i’m sure you guys are you


peeping my stats as well and what that

does is it allows you to compare stats

with other people

around your age group around your city

and of course here you guys you and i

here from the alex casa team

and it’s a little friendly competition

it’s a little gentle push like yo alex

you haven’t worked out today you’re like

the last one on your team dude

come on and i’m like everyone’s going to

see this man i got to work out harder

today all right

let’s do this and it’s such an amazing

feature it’s the gentle push that

everyone needs

it makes me work out harder because i

know that it’s going to be visible to

everyone there and with woop you can

track your workout progress

right the duration of your workout

  Have a better looking face

calories that you burn

the max heart rate resting heart rate

everything and guys with the link below

you get the whoop itself

for free all right so you get the device

itself for free

and then you just pay for the

subscription for the service

and i honestly i have been wearing this

in september of 2020 i haven’t taken it

off and i

absolutely love it i highly recommend it

i’m seeing celebrities wear this i’m

seeing formula one race drivers wear


i am seeing crossfitters wear this i

mean it is literally

everywhere so check out the link below

join woop for free

and of course join my team so that you

can keep an eye on my stats

and if i’m not working out as hard as i

should leave a comment below

poke me let me know yo alex work out a

little harder but trust me

you’re not gonna catch me slipping now

quite possibly one of the most

motivating things during a workout is

music music can completely change your


right if you if you’re at the gym and

you forgot your headphones like one of

the worst

nightmares ever right you go to the gym

you’re like oh my god my headphones are

at home i’m like should i just

go back home do i drive this is this is


now i’m at the mercy of the gym music so

you get there and you’re like

what are they playing is it something i

like because if it’s not your workout is

not going to be the same now of course

everyone has their own preferences but

in my opinion

the best kind of workout music is high

tempo music right it’s music that

pumps you up that hypes you that gives

you that drive to just keep going

one more rep and then you listen to your

favorite chorus

of your favorite song you’re like you

know what i got one more rep in me

music is going to help you disconnect

from everything else that’s happening

around you

no matter how hot the girls are at the

gym no matter how

big that dude is and you’re like that’s

a big dude doesn’t matter i got my music

and i’m gonna focus on my music and my

reps i would actually love to know

what your favorite workout music is

specifically a song

that you work out to harder than ever so

let me know in the comment section down


and i’ll add it to my workout playlist

now working out can also be a little bit


right you get out of the gym sometimes

and you’re like man that was

back i’m tired my legs i’m going down

the stairs and you’re like

shaking right because your legs hurt you

did it crazy leg day

so what i love to do is rewarding myself

after a workout now you can do that in

many different ways for me

it’s always going to be a nice cold

protein shake

man i literally get i got goosebumps

just thinking

boost gums well goosebumps just thinking

about it because

i’m going to have one after this i

absolutely love to have a protein shake

after my workout it’s just ingrained

into my brain that that is my

  Trying EVERYTHING in My Closet

reward i deserve that protein shake some

people prefer to reward themselves with

some type of food some people prefer

to maybe watch tv watch a movie whatever

it is

just kind of train your brain to

understand that hey

i did the work now i can chill a little

bit because i

deserve it i went hard and honestly


while i’m working out i’m already

thinking about that protein shake i’m

like you know what

i’m gonna work out extra hard and then

i’m gonna go get that protein shake that

i love from that place

it’s like 10 bucks it’s expensive but

you know what i deserve but of course

needless to say please don’t reward

yourself with fries

and a mcchicken like it’s just not don’t

do that

no fast food reward yourself with

something healthy now this next tip is

something that you guys

really have to understand do not

compare yourself to others right because

what that’s going to do is completely

change the way that you see yourself

you know sometimes you’re looking at

this guy like man this guy is massive

like he’s lifting so much more than me

and he’s shredded

and then you feel bad about yourself

don’t do that you don’t know what this

person has been through you don’t know

how long he’s been working out for

you don’t know if he’s juicing you have

no idea there’s a saying that goes


is the thief of joy and that applies to

working out as well comparing your body

to others

you know some guys have longer legs and

they’re taller and some guys have

a smaller leaner torso and waist

it’s a lot of it is genetics and when

you start to compare yourself to other

people then

you start to appreciate your own

progress a little less

possibly so you don’t want to do that

you just want to focus on yourself

focus on your body focus on your workout

and what you can do

to get better every single day just

slight improvements

over time every single day and you get

there instead of comparing yourself to

others try to appreciate yourself a lot


don’t be intimidated by these other guys

at the gym remember body types are

different so

don’t beat yourself up if you’re not

there yet because what i can guarantee


if you have a good diet right if you’re

eating healthy if you’re hitting the gym

and staying active the results will come

and you can keep track of all of that

with the whoop

as well as how we’re doing here together

in the alex costa team

so click the link below get your free

whoop join my team and i will see you

guys there

you can also find me on tick tock and

instagram it’s at alex costa and trust

me i i didn’t forget i want to see i

want to hear

your workout songs so let me know in the

comment section down below

all right thank you guys so much for

watching and i’ll see you again soon