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something that i’ve been working on for

a long time and today

is the day to finally announce i’ve

always wanted to be able to wear my own

brand to design something special and

for you guys who have been subscribers

for a while

you probably remember i launched a

clothing line with nordstrom

in 2019 but that was a one-time deal we

sold out

and that was that we had conversations

about possibly doing more but then we

got hit with covid

and that was that that was end of

conversation so that’s when i decided it

was time for me to do it on my own i

learned so much from the experts

at nordstrom about design fabric

materials packaging the whole nine yards

and of course i also learned so much

from having a large audience of guys who

are constantly giving me feedback about

what they like and what they don’t like

you guys so i know what you’re looking


i know what frustrates you it’s the t’s

that are too long for

any guy who’s not six foot tall it’s the

shirts that

disintegrate after one wash it’s the

shirt that makes you look super boxy

it’s not flattering it doesn’t make you

look your best

it doesn’t even accentuate your body the

way that it should and i know how


it can be to find a brand of basics that

you can trust and that’s why today i’m

announcing my new brand of men’s apparel

atos apparel and let me cut the chase

here i want

this brand to be ours i want every

decision to be made by our community by

you guys

that’s why before we designed our first

drop i asked for feedback from our

facebook community

with over 15 000 guys what do you hate

in a t-shirt

what are your favorite brands what do

you wish your t-shirts looked like or

felt like we surveyed everyone collected

information from all over my social

media channels

and took the knowledge from my time with


to bring you this first collection from

atos apparel we created what we call

augmented essentials augmentation is to

take something and make it better make

it bigger

elevate it right so these are basics

that any guy can wear

every guy can wear but they won’t feel

like your

normal basics there was a huge push for

me and my team to

upgrade everything from fit to fabric to


so here’s what makes atos different

starting with the fit

instead of the generic boxy fit on

typical essentials our physique fit was

engineered to complement the

everyday modern guys physique so you see

that we have a v-tapered cut and fit

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that creates this effect of an athletic

build without squeezing the body too

much which isn’t flatter and you can see

that the side seam

isn’t anything that you’ve ever seen

before it goes from the armpit

to the front of your hip it goes forward

that creates the v-shaped fit and in


it also creates an illusion of the

v-taper as well without being too

distracted so

this is gonna fit you unlike anything

else that you’ve ever tried on because

it’s literally cut unlike anything else

that you’ve ever tried on and i’m so

excited for you to try this on for the

first time because

this isn’t a brand that will only fit

tall skinny guys that have that perfect

model body you know we’re designing this

to fit

normal guys fit guys from all over the

world with different heights and body

shapes i’m five nine for example and

usually with normal brands

a small is just a little too small and a


is too long or too big i’m not that


of a guy i should not be wearing a size


and i’m sure you guys have the same

issue the sizing is just completely off

with most of these brands

in atos i’m a size medium and it fits me


but the interesting thing is that i can

actually go one size up to a large

and it fits obviously baggier but it

still fits me

well the v-shaped seam makes all of our

tops fit differently it just

fits better by the way before i talk

about the fabric which

is absolutely beautiful i just want to

say that yes

pre-orders are available now but only

for three weeks until july 24th

that’s when we stop orders and we work

on getting the pieces to you as soon as

possible so

definitely pre-order now before you miss

your chance and we have a very detailed

sizing chart on our website so you know

exactly what you’re getting this was

another pain point when i asked you guys

you know from the guys that we surveyed

hey what’s going on what don’t you like

about these brands and they said the

sizing is completely off and i don’t

know what i’m gonna get

so i need a good sizing chart so we want

to give you as much information about

the size before you make your purchase

to make sure that you’re 100 happy with

it to make sure that it fits you well

and if you pre-order three tops or more

you get

15 off your entire order

as a thank you for me and the atos team

we wouldn’t be able to do this if it

wasn’t for your help

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your support your feedback so thank you

so much

the first link below here in the

description that’s where you can

pre-order your own

a-toss shirts today all right let’s talk

about our first drop here our first drop


our amazing crew neck the long sleeve

and of course a beautiful handly with

the same v-shaped semen fit in short


and in long sleeve we’re gonna have

those four tops

in white black gray blue

and green these colors are versatile of


so you can wear your atos pieces on

their own or you can throw

another layer over them to dress your

outfit up or down now i’m excited about

this let’s talk about the fabric

there are so many designer brands out

there right selling

tees for literally hundreds of dollars

i’ve bought some

and honestly it was a mistake because

the quality sucks

it shrinks it’s wrinkly it’s scratchy

man it actually feels scratchy it feels


so we fixed that our fabric is made of a


spandex blend which is so much better

than the designer brands it’s plush

it’s really soft and it feels luxurious

to the touch and it was important to me

that it was polyester free so that it’s

not going to be scratchy

even after washing we really went all

out with this fabric it’s nothing like

the basics that you get from other


that charge way way more and unlike the

cheap fabric of generic brands that you

know just end up falling apart after a

few washes

the atos a pair of blended fabric it

stays durable for the long term this

means that over time

you actually end up saving money as a

result now i also wanted to give you

guys a support our pre-launch

something special and for you guys who

pre-order atos now before july 24th

you’re gonna get the atos level up

master class as an

added bonus these are a series of videos

that i shot

teaching you how to style your atos

pieces how to care for them

how to mix and match them with your

current items as well as styling hacks

that are going to make you look amazing

i really want you to look your best

right so we’re going above and beyond

with everything that we do here

i do have one request from you watching

this video right now though

i’m asking you for one favor i hope that

you pre-order at least one item from our

first drop

that would be absolutely amazing and it

would mean the world to me but

that’s actually not the favor i want you

when you get your item from atos

  Have a better looking face

to give us as much feedback as possible

we’ve created an amazing line of men’s

apparel and i’m excited to hear what you

think but the truth is

we’re gonna keep designing new pieces

and we actually already have the next

job scheduled for 2022 we’re working on

those designs now but

we want the absolute best like i said

i want you to be a part of this brand

let us know what you want hey alex

i wish you would make this or that hey

alex i want this color man i’ve always

liked this color

i want a hoodie that fits me a certain

way i can’t find a hoodie that fits me


this is our brand and i want you to be a

part of the design

the approach and everything else that

would mean so much to me

i want to make you guys happy i want to

give you the best clothes that you’ve

ever worn so

why not have you guys help me out so

that i can make

what you want to wear we can do that

here you know i’m not tom ford i’m not

some massive designer

who won’t listen to his customers no

offense to the legend tom ford it’s just

not the same you know i’m right here you

see me every day

i’m just alex and i want to make the

best men’s

basics ever created and i would love

your support pre-orders are available

now from july 23rd to july 24th and that

is it

we’re not going to be taking any more

orders after that because

we want to give you an amazing product

so we’re gonna stop orders

and start the actual production so check

out the first link in the description

below or you can head to

or you can check us out on instagram

it’s at atos apparel

we’d love to see you guys following

there we’re gonna be doing some

giveaways there as well so make sure to

follow our instagram

and again without you this wouldn’t be

possible so thank you

for supporting me my ideas my brands my

crazy videos sometimes

uh it’s been a truly amazing ride and i

wouldn’t change

a single thing so thank you so much

go pre-order ethos right now and i’ll

see you guys again very very soon

i’m excited man this is something that

we’ve been dreaming about this morning

for a long time so i’m pumped thank you

guys so much

i’ll see you guys very good i’m mumbling

i’ll see you guys again very soon