How to Improve your style WITHOUT BUYING NEW CLOTHES

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the thing is

that gets pretty costly very quickly

right it adds up

so today’s video is all about working

with what you got finding creative ways

to improve your style

without having to break the bank and buy

all new clothes

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thank you the first tip that i have for

you today is

to look for inspiration online to find

new ways

to mix and match your current clothing


learning how to master the clothes that

you already have right sometimes you

look at your closet

and you see the same old stuff and

you’re like i’ve already worn all of


but if you find inspiration online you

can then mix and match the clothes that

you already own that you already paid


in different ways that you’ve never

tried before and back when i was growing

up when i was finding my own style which

by the way

i had none no style i didn’t have

pinterest i didn’t have alex costa on


helping me out or any of these other

guys like marcel flores jose

and aaron i didn’t know what to do right

but now you have

so many resources online you can find

help you can find inspiration and ways

to mix and match your outfits

that you would have never thought of

before i’d say check out pinterest

check out instagram youtube and even

tick tock because you’re gonna find a

lot of inspiration there number two

get used to wearing accessories so many

guys are scared of wearing accessories

they think it’s feminine or it’s not

their style that’s not true you just

kind of have to get used to it

you guys know that usually i wear a lot

of rings i absolutely love them but at

first i wasn’t really used to it i’m


my fingers are a little too thick for

that i don’t know if he looks good it’s

a little too bulky

but within a couple of weeks you get

used to it i love to wear

necklaces i always have one on i like

bracelets i like watches today i’m

wearing my whoop which we’ll talk about

next and you definitely don’t need to


expensive accessories you don’t need an

expensive watch you probably already

own a watch just wear that watch and

then throw some rings or a bracelet on

this hand

and all of a sudden your outfit looks

more interesting there’s more details to

talk about

and that’s exactly what we want we want

to change it up with what you already

have so add accessories to your fit and

it’s going to look so much better

sunglasses necklaces bracelets rings

whatever you want now this next one i

think is going to make the biggest

difference in how you look in the

clothes that you

already own and that is getting fit

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or staying fit and healthy this is good

for so many reasons right because if you

feel like you’re out of shape

you’re not gonna be confident to wear

the things that you should be wearing

so you’re gonna try to hide it you’re

gonna wear darker colors you’re going to

go for

you know stripes that make you look

leaner you’re not going to wear specific

things it might show that you have a

little bit of a gut going on from


i’ll tell you what stop thinking like

that and start working on your body

now and if you’re ready to work on your

body and i know that you are because

you’re here watching this channel now

then the best help you’re gonna get is

from today’s video sponsor

whoop as you guys know this is a fitness

tracker that i wear 24

7 sometimes around my wrist sometimes

around my biceps when i’m wearing a


accessories etc just like i talked about

and this fitness tracker is

absolutely incredible like i am addicted

to checking my data on i’ll tell you why

my whoop app tells me exactly how many

calories i’m burning every single day

how much rest i’m getting every single

night whether i’m getting deep sleep or

just very light sleep

whether i need to go to bed earlier or

later it is an amazing

virtual personal trainer that you have

with you at all times sometimes we just

need that extra push to work out harder

that extra push to go to bed earlier and

let me tell you this

has been it for me every night i’m like

i should go to bed my whoop tells me you

should be in bed by 11 o’clock if you

want to perform at your peak tomorrow

right it tells me that so then i know

and i think about it i’m like you know


i’m going to go to bed early tonight

because i want to wake up tomorrow with

a high recovery rate

so that i can work out really hard so

that i can perform at my job

without knowing that you’re not going to

do it right without somebody telling you

and reminding you

you’re just not gonna do it that’s why i

love my work another reason why i

love the woop is because of the

community feature that it offers

right i am a part of a few teams men 30

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men in la and of course the alex costa


once you get your whoop which is free by

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get your free whoop you only pay for the

service and we even give you a discount

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and join my team so that i can see

what’s going on with you and you can see

everything that’s going on with

me the good thing about being fit you

know is that it’s definitely going to

add to your style right you’re gonna

be able to see some of your muscles

peeking through and that is attractive

of course

but not only that your posture will also

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change and that is very important when

it comes to style because

you can be dressed very very well right

look amazing

but if you’re walking around like this

it’s just not going to look very good

it’s going to look sloppy

it’s going to look like you’re lazy like

you’re tired

and that is not good so your style will


as your health improves it goes hand in


so make sure that you’re working out

staying active and keep your posture

proper this next tip i’m giving you guys

is probably one of my favorite tips when

it comes to clothing and styling

in general especially in the colder

months fall

winter time that is layering clothing to

make it look

different to add details and dimension

to your outfit

this is something that i didn’t learn

for the longest time and i really wish

that i did i think

guys especially as you know you’re

learning and discovering your style

you’re scared of doing that but layering

is going to absolutely change your style

it looks so cool

it looks like you are a well put

together guy who is

stylish so grab the clothes that you

already own from your closet

and try to layer them in a way that you

can see all of the different layers

instead of just putting a t-shirt on and

then a big-ass

jacket actually do like a turtleneck

that peeks through

that jacket right i actually have a

shirt that kind of peeks through the


underneath the jacket so these are all

layering techniques that you learn as

you go on they’re going to

add so much dimension to your outfit so

much more character

so much more style to your fit the next

thing that you can do to immediately

improve your style without having to buy

new clothes is of course

level up your hairstyle you know that is

something that

people are going to see immediately

right your hair so

make sure that you’re taking good care

of it make sure that you’re using good

products that you’re getting a haircut

once in a while so it doesn’t look all

wild and unkept

keep it fresh keep it clean if you work

in an office keep it professional

but most of all and this is really

important change

your hairstyle once in a while do not be

one of those guys that just have the

same hairstyle

for years you have to try new hairstyles

out because if you don’t then you don’t

know how you’re going to look

you might look better right you might

look worse but then you just let it grow

or you cut it even shorter but you might

look a lot better so why

not give it a shot and even if it looks

slightly worse look i had really long

hair last year

even like three months ago i had really

long hair man bun i would say it’s

probably not

the best looking hairstyle on me but i’m

so glad that i did it

i have those photos i have the videos i

had a good time i learned so much about

my hair

so i highly recommend that you do the

same whether it’s a bus cut

or a man bun go for it next up wrinkly


have got to go they are not stylish at

all so what i would recommend is

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get a steamer ironing is kind of

annoying i don’t like doing it i’m sure

you don’t either but a steamer is

actually kind of fun

it’s somewhat it feels soothing and

relaxing right it’s almost like you’re

meditating the sound of the

the water being like a boiling it just

sounds good

it’s very relaxing actually i know i i i

sound like an

old old person right now but it’s true i

like steaming what can i say

the truth is i have a pet peeve with

wrinkly clothes it just looks like you


in that t-shirt if it’s all wrinkly

right i’m like did you just

wear the clothing that you’re wearing

yesterday to today’s

thing like what’s going on right you

never know so when you steam your


it just looks fresh it looks clean it

looks new

so definitely do that another tip that i

have for you guys and this one is

fun different is customize your old

clothes you know don’t be afraid to grab

a pair of scissors change things up

especially if they’re old clothing old

shirts especially old jeans

right you have those old jeans that

you’re just like i’m probably going to

throw this away

don’t do that if you’re going to throw

it away or donate it cool but

why don’t you just personalize it first

you know change it up add some


do some tie dye experiments it’s going

to be fun it’s a fun project that you

can do by yourself or with a friend

and there’s so much content out there

teaching you how to do this

right so go on youtube and be like how

to customize my jeans add some patches

have fun with it and this next tip is

very on trend

and it’s very affordable that is thrift


go thrift shopping check it out if

there’s anything around your area

it is worth it man you can get some

really good fines for literally six


seven dollars it is so cheap and you get

some really cool stuff so check it out

and try to expand your style

even with those affordable pieces and

the reason why it’s so trendy is because

vintage clothing is trendy right it’s in

style right now so you can go thrift


spend very little money and be on trend

which is amazing but most of

all guys make sure that you are staying

healthy and i’m telling you

the woop fitness tracker is an amazing

way to get there

this i’ve worn this i think it came up

for me the other day was like 330 days

i’m coming up on one

year wearing this every single

day every single day for almost one year

and i absolutely love it

i have 10 lines to prove it and you guys

should definitely get it it is free

with the link in the description guys if

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guys again

very very soon