How to Achieve your FULL POTENTIAL to Look & Feel Your Best

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this is for you now what does that mean

reaching your full potential we could

take that

in a lot of different ways right for the

purpose of this video

i want to talk about reaching your full


physically and visually meaning feeling


healthy with plenty of energy to get to

the end of the day having crossed off

all of those items from your to-do list

without gassing

out halfway through your afternoon and

visually because as you know it’s my

duty here on this channel to help you

look your best

looking good is going to give you an

unmatched confidence

right so let’s get started and by the

way if you’re new here hi

welcome i’m alex and on this channel we

have a community of guys who are always

striving to become better through


grooming self-development videos and a

lot more

i speak for everyone here when i say

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when it comes to being healthy you have

to know your body in order to understand

what it needs and most guys let’s be

real here they don’t go to the doctors

you know like we think we’re fine we’re

invincible we don’t need that

we don’t need to do any blood work

physicals none of that

but the truth is we do especially in

your late

20s man our bodies change so much

every year if you want your body to run

like a well-oiled machine

you have to take care of it just think

of the complexities within the human

body there’s a lot going on here

and now we have new tech that allows us

to get a better understanding of what

our body needs

what’s lacking and today’s video sponsor


knows all about that here’s the truth

man after 30

a man’s hormone levels will start to

decrease by one or two percent

and that has a massive impact on your

everyday life you’re not going to gain

muscle as fast as before burn fat

as fast as before your libido your sex

drive that starts to decline

and hone is going to help you recognize

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to restore hormonal health with

clinically proven treatments all right

this is no bs because think about it if

your body is lacking what it needs to do

its job well then

you’re not going to achieve your goals

because strength is more than just

physical performance right it’s about

feeling driven

optimistic bold becoming the best

version of yourself this is not just for

athletes this is for you guys who want

to be successful you want to have

energy to work a 12 hour day if you have

to so hon

will help you optimize your natural

hormone levels with real physicians

real science and real fda approved

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i’m in my 30s and partnering up with

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i went ahead with the at home assessment

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than that but if you want to take

anything away from this part of the

video then

you know what please listen to this when

it comes to your health

being proactive will always be a good

move even if the results are positive if

everything is good with your body you’re

going to sleep better at night knowing

that your body is well tuned and

if you find out that your hormones are

off then home is going to work with you

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so it’s not like you get your results

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be proactive do not wait until your body

isn’t working like it’s supposed to

you’re gonna thank me later but your

body your body will thank

you now so it’s the first link in the

description below

go check them out one of the most

limiting mindsets that you can have when

you’re going on this journey to become a

better man

is thinking that to achieve your full


you need to completely change your

lifestyle right away

but that’s not necessarily true or

necessary it actually gives people


right no one wants to change everything

right away so that thought

weighs you down in reality it’s all

about making small

but consistent changes that means every

day you get a little bit better

just like anything else in life like

playing a sport every day you practice

you get better like learning an

instrument right or a language like

working out you don’t get a six-pack

after one ab session i i wish but then

everybody would have a six-pack

it’s consistent work that will get you

there so don’t feel pressured to have to

change your whole life

all of your habits today or tomorrow


i want you to focus on changing one

thing today take a second

right now to think about what you change

maybe it’s your sleep schedule so that

you can wake up earlier tomorrow and


more time to get things done or maybe

play less video games so you can have

more time

to get things done or save money eat a

healthy dinner those are all

small changes but remember small

consistent changes

will get the most important step in

looking and feeling your best is

obviously going to be your health

without it

nothing else matters right so if you’re

complaining that you don’t look your


maybe you’re overweight or maybe you’re

too skinny or complaining that you don’t

have enough energy to get things done

like work out or play with your kids if

you have kids

  The 5 Most Important Improvements YOU NEED To Make NOW

but you eat fast food all the time you

drink soda

you eat candy you’re chips and you’re

drinking alcohol a few times a week

then we got a problem a man you have to

eat healthy

if you want to improve there’s no way

around it people are always looking for

a magic pill

that will make them lose weight or gain

muscle or

make their skin look better clear right


that magic pill is your diet

change it and your body will change with

it when people ask me

alex what do i do to gain muscle man

i want to gain muscle where i want to

lose some weight the answer

will pretty much be the same always

improve your diet

work out that’s it those two things

those two things will have the biggest

impact on your physique if you can eat


work out daily even if it’s you just

being active like going on a run

playing a sport lifting at the gym your


will change all right consistent work of

course and if you feel like you’re doing

all the work and things are not moving

forward things

aren’t changing then there’s probably

something wrong so like i said do not


get the at-home assessment test from

home and get an answer find out what’s

going on now of course there are a lot

of things you can do aesthetically

to improve your looks right from fashion

to hair to grooming we talk about that

stuff all the time here on the channel

so i’m gonna give you pretty much the

low down

right like everything you need to know

about looking good when it comes to

fashion grooming hairstyle

one of the hardest things to get right

as a guy is your skin care routine

and that’s because most men have no idea

what they’re doing but guess what

just like with working out playing a

sport or

instrument skin care is only going to


and improve your skin if you’re

consistent it’s an everyday

thing it’s a routine that’s why they say

skin care routine

it’s not a once in a while thing it’s

not like you wash your face once

you wake up tomorrow with beautiful

glowy skin

that’s just not how it’s gonna happen so

it’s a habit that you have to build

slowly build it maybe do it twice a week

three times a week four times a week

until you get used to it

your hairstyle that will completely

change the way that you look

and you can go from this to this

with just one good haircut that’s

actually like the fastest way to improve

your looks without much effort

you know unlike working out or skincare

routine a haircut

that actually works immediately it’s

going to change your appearance right

away so if you’re trying to

look your absolute best you have to be

willing to switch up your hairstyle how

many hairstyles have i had here on this


i’ve lost count if you’re looking to

switch it up i have tons of videos on

men’s hairstyles

so subscribe because i got you covered

and of course another quick and easy way

  Tips to Look More Muscular Instantly

to change your appearance immediately

is your grooming routine your facial

hair your eyebrows your nails learn how

to shape your beard properly man don’t

go all the way up to your jawline

because that’s gonna make your face look

really round

rounder than it really is don’t let your

beard grow wild make sure that you’re


this beast over here otherwise you’re

gonna look like a caveman the best

advice i can give you is

experiment as much as possible try new

things you know it takes a while to

to learn how to cut hair right a barber

doesn’t learn in one day

it’s the same for you doing your beard

you maybe you try and you’re like man i

don’t really know how to do this i’m not

gonna do it anymore i’m just gonna shave

it all off

that’s not gonna help your case try it


it’s gonna take some practice so watch a

bunch of videos experiment

and you get it to look perfect in no


of course hair growth is also very


another reason why you should get your

home box delivered to your doorstep

make sure that your body is working

properly so that you can look

and feel your best let’s quickly go over

fashion and style it’s no secret

that you can go from a three to an eight

just by changing your style and your

dressing sense

this channel proves that right i get so

many messages from subscribers who

change their style after watching these

videos and now they have a girlfriend

they got married or they got a new job

or they feel amazing their confidence

levels through the roof so

just like with your beard you have to

experiment with fashion

try new things step out of your comfort

zone when i started

i had absolutely no clue what i was

doing i dressed

horribly i honestly never thought that i

had a chance to look as fashionable as

some of these other guys that i would

see you know around me

but i wasn’t gonna let that stop me i

stopped feeling bad for myself and

instead i decided to do something about

it now it’s your turn

do something about it stop moaning and

complaining that other guys are better

looking oh

he’s really tall he’s got the genetics i

don’t you know he’s got those genes he’s

an athlete no one wants to hear that

instead make small but consistent

changes to your lifestyle step out of

your comfort zone

experiment with fashion grooming

hairstyles but most importantly

get your body in check click the link

below to get your at home

assessment from home find out what’s

going on in your body and

unlock your full potential if you

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welcome to the youtube family and of

course you can find me on tick tock and

instagram it’s at alex costa thank you

guys so much for watching and i’ll see

you again

very very soon peace