You are currently viewing Hi! Hej! Bonjour !I am Damien, digital product designer specialised in accessibility.

Hi! Hej! Bonjour !I am Damien, digital product designer specialised in accessibility.

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Face portrait of Damien Senger looking directly at the camera. The person is smiling at the camera while wearing an overall outfit. They is also having blue hair and several piercings.

I’m a designer from France 🇫🇷 spending my life between Amsterdam and Rotterdam in The Netherlands 🇳🇱.

I’m Design systems and Accessibility lead for Castor EDC where I collaborate with Product and Engineering teams to bring more consistencyusability and accessibility in our products.

My background includes experiences as UX and UI designer and several years as a web developer. This is helping me to be a strong bridge between ideation and implementation and to mentor engineers to develop inclusivity through their code.

How may I help you?

  • Building interfaces with inclusivity in mind

    An accessible interface starts with an accessible design. We can work together to make your projects more inclusive.

  • Bringing accessibility in your work & workflow

    Accessibility is never a one-time fix. Let me train your product and engineering team to put accessibility at the core of their work.

  • Raising awareness on accessibility & inclusivity

    I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning from my peers: I spoke in 15+ events and I am a University guest teacher.