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a better looking face meaning i’m gonna

show you guys how you can improve your

looks just

like this and if you like that type of

content then you’re gonna love this


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because that’s what i want i want you to

look your best so i have the first tip

for you guys and that is

using optical illusion to shape

your beard now what does that mean well

i’ll tell you right now most guys when

they have a beard it’s kind of hard to

shave it off

because it gives you definition right

when you shape your beard properly

it’s going to give people the illusion

of a sharper

jawline right it’s going to give people

the illusion of a bigger

chin now you can shape it so that it’s

really short on the sides and you can

leave it longer as it gets closer to the

bottom here your chin

or your sides because that’s going to

make your face look a little bit longer

why would you want your face to be

longer well if you have a round

face shape elongating your face will

make your face look

less round so what you can do here with

the shape of your beard

is literally change the shape of your

face and that will make you look more

attractive if you want a wider jaw or a

sharper jawline then make sure that

these edges are

sharp if you want your face to look a

little bit longer make sure that you let

it grow down here and then you can trim

it a little bit tighter on the sides

as you go up the possibilities are

endless there’s so much you can do i

mean just

look at the difference it makes on these

guys faces

danny oserian for example have you ever

seen that guy without a beard no

because he probably does not look good

without a beard

you can see that he uses that he has

longer beard

up in the bottom so that his jaw looks

way more chiseled than it really is

so use that to your advantage now the

next thing that you have to do to make

sure that you’re

looking your best is of course having a

good skin skincare routine this

is a non-negotiable you have to start

doing this

now the one question i get all the time

and it’s really disappointing guys i

don’t want to get these questions

anymore is

alex i wash my face like every day

moisturize my face

every day and i’m not getting results

and i’m like damn dude what’s going on


how long have you been doing this for

i’ve been doing it for like a week

dude that’s not how it works


skincare is one of those things that you

have to be consistent

for a long time you have to do it every

single day

i would recommend twice a day and then

after a while

your skin will get better you have to

literally do it for a while that’s why

it’s called a skin

care routine not a one and done kind of


and if you don’t have a skincare routine

yet or you’re looking for better


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today now this next tip is actually

something that i haven’t really talked

about much here on the channel which is

crazy to think about because i have

literally thousands of videos but

your eyebrows you have to take care of

your eyebrows and what i mean

is the shape of your eyebrows can really

change your face in the way that it


it is night and day man if you have thin

eyebrows or if they’re connected of

course if you have a unibrow monobrow

it’s just not gonna look as good as it


right nowadays especially the trend is

to have thicker longer

eyebrows like bushier eyebrows that is

the trend

you can look at the runway shows you can

look at magazines you can look at


i’m telling you you’re gonna see that

the trend has completely changed because

it used to be

thin eyebrows that was like the look

nowadays it is definitely the thicker

zac efron type of look so what i’m

saying here is be careful with

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plucking your eyebrow i’ve seen a lot of

guys use a razor to shave their eyebrows

and then they have this really wide

space between them that does not look


never ever use a razor to shave

the in between your eyebrows here do not

do that all right

razors from here up is a no go only use

it on your beard if you want to shave it

and that’s

it instead grab a pair of tweezers and

you can be very methodical very precise


pluck hair by hair to make sure that

your eyebrows look

on fleek and like i said don’t go

overboard the trend is definitely to


thicker bushier eyebrows right now so if

you’re plucking a lot of it out

it’s just not gonna look good also i’ve

seen this happen all right i’ve seen

close friends doing this trimming their

eyebrows with a trimmer that’s a no-go

that is definitely a do not go there


if you want to use some scissors maybe

like brush them up and use some scissors

that’s okay but no trimmer no automatic

device with the battery or charge

should go close to your eyebrows if

you’re a dude trying to take care of

them and

it is completely okay for guys to go and

get them done professionally trust me

it’s going to look

great as long as you tell them exactly

what you’re looking for

if you have a unibrow and you feel like

that’s not the look that you want

go get them done professionally it’s

going to look absolutely amazing

and you’re going to thank me later now

this next one is the second thing i

notice on

everyone’s faces first is hair i’m a

hair guy you know

i like hairstyles and hair products and

all of that so obviously i’m going to

notice the hair first

that’s easier to see but then the smile

teeth that is so important i think


are going to be able to see that from

far away if we smile and you have yellow

teeth or crooked teeth or

if they’re dirty or especially if you

have bad

breath so a tip here for you guys is

make sure that you’re brushing your

teeth twice a day

or after you eat if you’re going on a

date please man make sure that you’re

flossing brushing your teeth using


do all of the above to make sure that

your teeth your smile

is on point and of course if you’re

getting yellow stains maybe from coffee


soda or whatever it is please make sure

that you are whitening your teeth

because that will give you such a

confidence boost

it is a life-changing when you know that

when you smile

people will compliment you that is how

amazing that is you smile

people will compliment you so what what

does that do that makes you want to

smile more

it makes you want to be happier and show

off your teeth

who doesn’t want that and nowadays there

are so many solutions to whiten your

teeth right you don’t have

to just look at your yellow teeth and

say man that sucks that my teeth are

stained but

i don’t really want to pay a thousand

dollars to go to the dentist to get it

done professionally

that’s not true i’m pretty sure at the

dentist it’s a lot cheaper than it used

to be it’ll be a few hundred bucks

but you can do it at home with whitening

strips or whitening solutions that you

can buy online

of course make sure you do your research

on those products to make sure that they

are safe and that they will make you

look your best

now i mentioned that the hair the

hairstyle is probably the first thing

that i’m gonna notice

on a person whether it’s a girl or a guy

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and it’s true

right and that is because obviously

because i’m a hair guy but also because

it’s so

easy to see it’s so noticeable it shows

what those people are about right if

they have a really neat

side part and it’s like super neat and


i’m like damn this guy is professional

you know this guy he is

clean cut he is not an edgy crazy guy

he’s a professional guy if he has kind

of a crazy hairstyle and it’s all over

the place i’m like alright this guy’s

cool you know he’s got this flexible

cool hairstyle he’s chilling he’s not

trying too hard

or if you get like a slick back right

i’m like alright this guy is like a

little bit more edgy

you know he’s got the pomade and it’s

shiny he’s got the leather jacket

right it changes you it literally

changes you can show your

personality through your hairstyle that

is how crazy

it is that you can literally guess

accurately most of the time

someone’s personality because of their


that’s crazy so my recommendation for

you guys is to find the right hairstyle

for your face shape one of the most

important things that you need to do

right now is find

your face shape and i have a full video

on that i’ll leave the link below as

well but

that is extremely important because once

you know your face shaped and you can

decide what kind of hairstyle

suits that face shape better right and i


that is something that a lot of guys

just don’t know how to do well

figuring out what hairstyle suits them

so what i do is they go to a barber the

barber gives them a random haircut and

they just stick with it forever

that’s not good you gotta change it up

you gotta find something that will make


look your full potential if you have a

really round face

for example which is a very common face

shape by the way you get a buzz cut and

your face will look

like a ball right it’s gonna look like a

soccer ball or a football whatever you

want to call it

depending on where you live it’s gonna

be round rounder

than before so you don’t want that you

want something that will elongate your


up maybe even let your beard grow a

little bit longer and that will all of a


give people the illusion of a less round

face of a more elongated face shape

that is how important your facial hair

and your hair style is going to be it’s

going to completely change your face

that is why i’m telling you guys you

have to find your face shape and you

have to find the right hairstyle for it

and like i said guys now that we can

finally go outside now that we can take

our masks off

your skin needs to be on point thank you

tj and lee for sponsoring today’s video

you guys have to go check them out and

get a free gift with your first order as

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thank you so much for watching and i’ll

see you again very very soon peace