Easy Summer Outfits ANY GUY Can Pull Off

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what’s up everyone welcome back to my

channel my name is alex costa

and summer is finally here things are

opening up again i feel good man i’m

excited to get out there and to actually

wear some cool outfits that is why today

i have a video of five

amazing but easy summer outfits that any

of you guys can pull off today’s video

is sponsored by rothys i’ll be wearing

their footwear throughout this video for

the four outfits so without further ado

let’s get started with outfit number one

i’m so excited to be wearing some more

outfits again so let’s get started with

this first

outfit here this is a perfect summer day

barbecue kind of vibe outfit i’m rocking

a short sleeve

button up shirt the material is quite


so i like to open up a couple of those

buttons make sure that there’s some

airflow in there i’m not wearing

anything underneath but you could

definitely throw a t-shirt under

this shirt if you’d like to add some

detailing or if you’re feeling a little

bit cold

the shorts are navy and linen and the

linen makes it very

flexible very breathable i also like the

length of these shorts

these are seven inch inseam shorts right

and you can go a little bit shorter if

you’d like

or what i like to do is just fold them

up once

or twice if you’d like to do that if you

guys are on the shorter side

having shorter shorts will make you look

taller will make your legs look longer


you can do that if you’d like as far as

jewelry i have

some rings here silver usually that’s

what i rock

i really like silver jewelry as you guys

know and the bracelet

as well and the sneakers let me talk

about these sneakers guys

these are incredibly comfortable

they are from rothy’s they look awesome

it’s this off-white with the gum soles

and let me just say these are the most

comfortable sneakers that i have

ever worn and i’m not even exaggerating

and yes

they’re stylish yes they’re comfortable

but that is not even what’s most

impressive about

rothy’s who sponsored today’s video

these sneakers are actually born

from plastic bottles that’s right

they break down plastic bottles they’ve

actually chipped down over 75

million bottles into small pallets to


the thread that makes these sneakers so

these sneakers have just

seven parts compared to the industry

standard of 21

right so they are way more sustainable

and the cool fact about these sneakers

is they actually are machine washable so

you guys are always asking me about how

to clean sneakers what you should be


you can actually just throw them into a

washing machine and they will look great

perfectly clean and brand new right

after because the material is different

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it’s a

thread you can see here from the detail

of the sneakers that it is all threaded

and that is why these sneakers are so

comfortable so rothy’s

great job with these they are absolutely

amazing as a brand owner myself

i understand how much work goes into

product development and

this has taken them eight years to

achieve so this is absolutely

mind-blowing i’m just so excited to be

working with them because this is

true innovation at its finest for this

next outfit i wanted to dress things up

a little bit to look

fancy but also i don’t want to go too

stuffy right it’s summertime

you don’t really want to be wearing a

lot of layers so we’re going to wear a

t-shirt a white t-shirt make sure that

it’s clean make sure that it’s classy

there’s no logos

and then throw a blazer on top now this


is an off-white blazer it’s off the rack

it’s affordable i didn’t have to tailor

this one i even pulled up the sleeves so

that it gives it a nice

summer look i added a white pocket

square because i feel like that is

very summery i tuck the t-shirt into my


which by the way do not have belt loops

they just have the side adjusters here

and that gives it a nice clean modern

look and i threw on

some accessories to spice things up a

little bit i got the watch

stainless steel watch as well as glasses

as you guys know i don’t need glasses i

have good vision but they

elevate an outfit they make your outfit

look more elevated so that is why i

added the glasses here for this look and

then i’m wearing the driving loafer

from rothy’s as well same thing for

these by the way they are made from

plastic bottles

extremely comfortable because of the

threading technology that they use there

is no need to break these in

they are soft from the gecko you can

literally pick them up from a store

or get them delivered to your house and

as soon as you touch them you will feel

how soft they are

these are refined loafers they’re classy

they’re never going out of style

and it’s a really nimble slip-on type of

footwear it’s funny because i’ve always

wanted to wear loafers but i just felt

like they

felt kind of old so i really appreciate

that they went in

and upgraded a classic and this navy

just looks

absolutely beautiful by the way guys i

am leaving the link to rothy’s in the

description below it is the first link

in my description

to their website so you can see what

kind of shoes they have this

next outfit super casual great summer

outfit for you to run errands in

this is kind of like hey i gotta go get

something done

let me just throw this outfit on real

quick but also

you’re gonna look good you know that’s

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what this channel is all about i want to

make sure that you guys

are not you don’t have to put in a ton

of effort

but when you are going out if you know

what you’re doing if you’ve been

learning from this channel then you’re

going to look your best

and that is why i threw on this knitted

t-shirt here

and this just elevates the look instead

of wearing

just a basic white tee this is going to

look a lot nicer because it’s knitted i

have jeans that as you can see

are pretty slim fit these are really

nice very stretchy very comfortable

perfect for the summertime

the glasses are reflective they are very

kind of fun and they add a little bit of

flair to this outfit because

as you can see it is a very simple

outfit so adding

accessories to something like this

that’s where it’s at this is how your

outfit is going to shine this is how

you’re going to look different than

every single other guy out there wearing

a t-shirt and jeans and of course at the

bottom i am rocking the rothy’s rs-01


in off-white as well i just love that

you can wear these with pretty much

any outfit this is the perfect summer

sneaker right here

and the best thing is i also have them


all white and as you guys know i’m

always saying on this channel you guys

need to own

a pair of sneakers that is all white

because you’re classy because they’ll go

with everything that you have in your


so for this outfit i am rocking the all


rs01 sneakers i’m rocking this white


with the navy detailing this is perfect

for summer and evenings that are a

little bit cooler or for cooler summer

days as well

uh the day that i shot this it was

actually a little bit breezy so

this was absolutely perfect again i went

with the clean navy trousers with no

belt loops i didn’t tuck the sweater in

but i did fold the bottom

so it looks more neat you know it

doesn’t look as messy when you do that

so there’s a trick for you guys if you

don’t like tucking your shirts in

but you want more of a cleaner type of

look you don’t want it to be super messy

and long

then you can just fold the sweater and

that looks a lot better

already i also wore this gold watch

because it is a very simple outfit so i

feel like i could be a little bit more

extravagant with my accessories

that’s why i rocked the watch and then i

also had this polaroid camera

which you know kind of makes the outfit

even cooler i really like this case that

i got on amazon it’s such an

easy case to find it was super

affordable but it looks really cool with

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the brown leather it’s very manly it’s


classy and i think it goes well with

this fit with this next outfit i’m kind

of reversing the colors right i’m still

maintaining the navy but this time we

have the navy

shirt up top and i really like the

white detailing on the shoulders and

that go all the way down to the sleeves

because it just adds more dimension it

adds more details

to this shirt otherwise it would be kind

of a boring basic

shirt white jeans guys i’ve been telling


you need to wear white jeans you need to

get comfortable wearing white jeans

because they will make your outfit look

amazing this summer time

and if you’re like me then white jeans

that’s just a great replacement you can

wear white jeans all summer long and no

one’s gonna say i can’t believe you’re

wearing pants because they’re white

because they’re

light you know there’s just a lot more

area a lot more summery

than if you’re wearing dark denim of

course i had to throw on a pair of

sunglasses because

this was about you know golden hour

about 7 p.m

and the sun was just coming down it was

a beautiful day in los angeles

and the driving loafers from rothy’s

came in clutch

i think white pants with driving loafers

absolutely amazing it’s just such a good

classy combination for the summer time

that you can wear

anytime but guys honestly rothy’s make

amazing sneakers amazing

footwear the driving loafers are

absolutely incredible

like i said yes they are incredibly

comfortable probably the most

comfortable pair of sneakers that i own

but that is not all the innovation here

making these shoes out of plastic

bottles that is something that is

absolutely insane to me it’s such a good


for this world i mean think about this

for a second they are making sustainable


by transforming eco-friendly materials


modern shoes and accessories that

look good that is hard to do that is

very difficult to do and they were able

to pull this off

so hats off props to them this is

absolutely amazing and i’m really happy

to be working with rothy’s

guys make sure to check out that first

link in the description below check out

rothy’s their footwear is amazing

honestly they did such an amazing job

with it

and i am so happy to be here promoting

an amazing brand like that

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thank you guys so much for watching and

i’ll see you again soon