8 Ways to Style a Polo

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ways to make sure that you know exactly

how to style your polos i think that

every guy should have polos in his

closet and i’ll tell you what psycho

bunny who is today’s video sponsor has

incredible polos that look absolutely

amazing and i’m gonna be styling them

today so for this first look here

we’re gonna be wearing their white polo

in my opinion this is an essential in

every guy’s wardrobe it just goes with

anything and everything and you’re gonna

be seeing me styling this white polo in

many different ways here just in this

video i paired it up with slim fitting

stone colored chinos these are not

skinny but not baggy either and yes

they’re wrinkly alright yes let me hear

about it put it in the comments i know i

didn’t notice until i was editing and


it’s literally hurting my soul to see

how wrinkly these pants are and i

apologize i’m also adding some fun

high-top sneakers just to make it more

casual more fun more vibey and you can

wear like this if you want this is a

great fit with just the polo the chinos

and the sneakers it’s very casual

because of the sneakers


for look number two we’re bringing in

some color man this blue psycho bunny

polo is so beautiful it definitely pops

if you want to stand out this is the

polo that you need to get because it’s

already so colorful right it looks so

good and then you pair it up with these

white jeans i mean this is a look man

and then the skater sneakers to make the

look super comfortable and perfect to

run any errands while looking your best

i love this look i’m also wearing a blue

watch to match the polo i just like how

summery this look is and how much you’re

going to stand out wearing something

like this even though it is a very

simple outfit psycho bunny takes pride

in how colorful and amazing their polos

are and i’ll tell you i mean look at the

bunny for example the logo right they

told me there are 4 000 stitches that go

into sewing the bunny logo that’s what

makes the logo look so sharp i mean that

is a lot of work just for the logo to

make sure that it looks absolutely

perfect and when it comes to the fit and

the fabric of their polos i mean you

cannot go wrong with this the fabric has

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a four-way stretch it is very durable

the collars aren’t gonna roll the cuffs

don’t sag the fit really keeps its form

when you feel the polo you can feel how

soft it is how nice it is they use high

quality material for sure and it shows

you can feel it and if you don’t know

about psycho bunny they are growing fast

they have 15 stores in the us they have

actually have one here in la and i

checked it out recently and it looks so

cool their polo is their signature

product and it’s made from 100 pima

cotton but what i love the most about it

is that the bunny logo is definitely

unconventional and it’s just cool man it

stands out you’re not trying to blend in

you know you’re not trying to be boring

you’re trying to be different and that’s

something that i think they do really

really well i’m going to leave a link to

the psycho bunny website in the

description below so you can get any of

these as well as check out their other

products and their website it is the

first link in the description below for

look number three i’m going with this

black polo you can never go wrong with a

black polo this is probably the favorite

polo that i got from psycho bunny i’m

gonna pair it up with these gray linen

shorts which are cut above the knee and

that allows me to wear high top sneakers

without making my legs look stumpy so

there’s a little pro tip for you guys i

did wear longer socks here with these

sneakers because i like the way it looks

i like that you can see the socks you

can go with longer socks if you want i

would say definitely make sure they show

it just adds some character some

layering here to your fit so it would

still look great if they were a little

bit longer

on my wrist a gray watch to keep the fun

and casual vibes going i think that’s

what psycho bunny is all about so that’s

what we’re doing here this is a perfect

summer outfit you can wear this pretty

much anywhere and look amazing with very

little effort i mean this is an easy

outfit to put together for look number

four though we’re gonna dress up a

little bit more you know but it’s still

easy to do same white polo

navy chinos again not too tight

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white sneakers we’re gonna go with low

tops this time though a gold watch for a

little you know a little pop of color

and glasses to make me look way smarter

than i really am this is a perfect look

for you guys who work in an office and

you want to dress professionally but not

boring and stuffy you know this is the

cool guy outfit for sure you wear this

to work and your colleagues will

definitely respect you and ask you about

this fit it’s guaranteed and like i said

the cool thing about the psycho bunny

polos is that the logo is fun it stands

out so people will

notice and it’s a great conversation

starter all right let’s go for the next

look here and this one

if you wear this you might just get a

promotion my man i’m wearing this

beautiful blue suit here definitely

stands out it’s made from linen though

so it’s also very cool and breathable

with the white psycho bunny polo button

all the way up to keep it classy and

professional with white leather sneakers

the white pocket square i mean tying

everything together here still with the

gold watch to add that nice pop i

definitely like to throw on a pair of

glasses here too because it just adds

another detail to the outfit it makes

you look modern classy elegant this is

an amazing look if you guys work in an

office and you’re trying to impress

someone that day if you have you know if

you’re interviewing someone or if you

have a presentation that you need to

give this is the fit you’re looking for

now if you don’t want to wear a suit if

you think it’s a little too much for

your office setting or for whatever

you’re doing that day completely get it

how about this v-neck sweater here with

the gold watch and i i like this look so

much because it’s so easy to do but you

just look classy man you look super

elegant and the color from the psycho

bunny polos they are structured in a way

that they’re not gonna roll which i hate

the it just feels thicker it’s sturdier

so it looks great under a sweater i

really like this look it’s such an easy

one to put together but you look very

presentable no matter what comes your

way you’re dressed to impress for this

next look we are leaving the office in

the grown-up style behind because it’s

time for a vacation

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get rid of the sweater first because

we’re not going to be needing it in

this vacation here we’re going somewhere

warm get rid of the chinos and let’s

wear something more fun and airy like

these linen pants with the stripes then

pair it with the sandals which i know

it’s not for everyone but i have to say

it looks amazing with this look uh i

mean i i think so doesn’t it let me know

in the comment section down below if

you’re digging this but i definitely am

and it’s super comfy and of course it’s

all about the details so add sunglasses

and a camera and you’re ready to relax

and to capture the best moments of your

life in this outfit now if you’re on

vacation and you want to hit up a pool

party then i have the perfect outfit for

you this is the look right here the navy

polo which you already know i love the

green swim trunks again see how these

are cut way above the knee that makes

your legs look longer and better that’s

definitely the way to go do not wear

really long swim trunks because you’re

gonna look too short

since this is a basic outfit though

you’re gonna need some accessories to

make it look more interesting so add

rings add bracelets a watch if you want

add a pair of fun sunglasses that aren’t

your boring same old wafers have some

fun with this one man you’re on vacation

you’re going to a pool party you want to

make sure that you’re having fun and

like i said that’s what psycho bunny is

all about thank you psycho bunny for

sponsoring today’s video guys definitely

check them out it’s the first link in

the description below what a cool brand

man i’m so happy to have them here on

the channel and trust me you guys will

love this poll the way it feels fits and

looks you’re definitely going to get a

lot of compliments i’ll leave the link

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