7 Mistakes You MUST STOP Making By Age 30

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what’s up everyone my name is alex costa

welcome back to my channel

most people say that 30 is the age of

maturity especially for guys right

and that by the time you’re 30 you

should have your life together now

what you might not realize is that 30 is

usually closer

than you think so before you turn 30

here are some things that you should

start doing

so that you can have a lot of fun in the

future so that you by the time you’re 30

you’re good to go man you’re not

worrying thinking that you’re behind in

any way shape or form because that’s a

really bad feeling i’m going to give you

guys seven mistakes that you should stop


by age 30 so that even if you’re 21 22

you can start now

and by the time you’re 30 you’re gonna

be golden by the way guys on this

channel we talk about men’s fashion

grooming fitness hairstyles anything

that will make your life better and

easier if that sounds good to you if you

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and join our youtube family now the

first and probably the biggest mistake

that you should stop

making before you’re 30. is not saving

man yes i’m talking about

money moolah guys saving is very


all right you have to make sure that you

start saving the sooner the better

the sooner the better the benefits and

the results right compound interest

i know that when you’re in your early

20s especially you’re like

why am i gonna save i don’t care about

retirement i don’t care about

60 year old me i want me now to have fun

and i completely understand that

but make sure that you’re also being

responsible live your life now

have fun go all out but at the same time

be responsible put away

20 of your paycheck every single month

or week or whenever you get paid

and just put it away like it’s not even

there for a rainy day if anything ever

happens to you

right who knows knock on wood medical

bills car

maintenance whatever happens you are


it is such a big weight off of your

shoulders when you have that safety net

there and speaking of safetynet

this is our second mistake not having

insurance in addition to your savings

another very important

and responsible thing is to have car


health insurance and maybe even life

insurance insurance

i have a love-hate relationship with

insurance as i’m sure everyone here does

as well it’s like why am i paying for

this i don’t crash my car

you know i don’t really go to the doctor

i’m so healthy

until you’re not until something happens

and you’re like man i really wish i had

health insurance especially here in the

united states

i know that in some parts of the world

you guys get universal health care

congratulations that has not happened

for us yet

hopefully in the future and it’s

expensive man i get it i pay a lot for

health insurance but

i did get into an accident i was running

and i tore some ligaments on my ankle

probably like five years ago and it

really saved me so much money so be

responsible and make sure that you are


now something else that i’ve noticed is

that most guys even guys who watch my

channel and know about this

don’t like to do a skincare routine to

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have a skincare routine but that is a


huge mistake especially if you’re in

your late 20s going into your 30s

your 20s is the best time to take care

of your skin

because then you’re setting yourself up

to have amazing skin to look younger to

have no wrinkles or less wrinkles

as you age of course maybe you don’t

care about skin care when you’re

in your early 20s and your skin is

looking good but as you age

that is for sure going to change there

is no doubt about that so start early

if you want your skin to look absolutely

amazing that’s where today’s videos

poster comes in

geology geology is a custom skin care

system for men

i have not seen anyone else do this it’s

such an amazing brand and service for

guys like us

who i don’t have time for a 27-step

routine all right it’s just not gonna

happen i don’t have the patience for it

so they make it easy click that first

link below you take a quick

quiz telling them hey i have dark


i have pimples or i’m getting older you

know i’m getting some wrinkles

whatever it is that your skin needs are

your skin goals

you tell them and they will send you

custom skin care products for your

individual needs their products are made

from premium ingredients and they will

make your skin look fresh

clear with minimal stress and they have

everything you need right they’re gonna

send you two of these face washes right


so you can keep one in your bathroom one

in your gym bag or one in your shower

and then you get the morning moisturizer

as well as the night cream and the

difference here is the morning


has spf and it’s also a lot lighter and

then the night cream is a little bit

heavier because you’re not going to be

moving around as much so it really

hydrates your skin

as you’re sleeping and they also have

the eye cream if you guys have dark

circles which i know is a big problem

for guys

right as well as puffy eyes here from

not sleeping the night before or

whatever reason

this eye cream will help with that not

only that but they also just launched

their spf 30 sunscreen here

it’s water resistant oil free really


fragrance free i mean this thing does

wonders and if you guys want to have

amazing skin for the rest of your life


is the way to go it is your the number

one priority here

sunscreen make sure that you’re

protecting yourself against the harmful

rays from the sun

guys they’re offering you a 30-day trial

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they will send you everything you need

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nine bucks to get started

that is so cheap that’s like the

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shipping so let’s say your specific

problem is acne or maybe oily skin

or wrinkles dark circles geology has

products for all your skin care problems

and of course if you just want to

maintain your clear skin

geology has got you covered so don’t

wait any longer guys click the link


tell geology what your specific skin

needs are and they will help you out the

next mistake

is a lack of exercise and this this is a

tough one guys

i highly highly highly recommend you

guys start exercising as soon

as possible in your lives you know this

is one of the things that i talk about

the most

here on the channel and it’s because i

truly truly believe it

if you are working out if you’re being

active if you’re going outside getting

fresh air going on hikes going on jogs

your body will be much stronger


you’re going to look better you’re going

to have more energy the benefits are

endless it’s a huge mistake for you guys

not to be working out in your 20s you

have to make sure that you start now so

that by the time you’re 30

you’re already healthy you’re not

running against the clock trust me when

i say

things get a little bit more difficult

in your 30s your metabolism just

isn’t going to work as fast it’s not the

same your muscles just

aren’t gonna grow as fast and they’re

not gonna recover as fast from the

workouts so

do it now get started as soon as

possible get your body used to it the

next mistake is something that a lot of

people do and don’t even realize how

much damage they’re causing their bodies

because of it and that is not sleeping


look i get it when you’re in your 20s

you know you’re partying you’re in

college or whatever it is that you guys

are doing nowadays who knows

it’s very common for you to go to bed

late right because maybe you’re even

working at night all right i’m not

saying your party maybe you’re working

really late

you’re hustling and that’s fine or

you’re studying either way it doesn’t

sit well with your body because sleep is

very important

it causes your body to repair itself

from mental to physical

everything it’s like a reset button

right and your body needs about eight

hours to reset

so if you’re only getting five six hours

it’s not

fully charged it’s like your phone only

with seventy percent of the battery i

gotta be honest with you guys i i don’t

like sleeping

it’s not something that i look forward

to i i i go to bed early

because i know that my body needs it

right but to me it’s a waste of time

let’s let’s be

come on man i wish i didn’t have to one

day will not have to sleep

and that would be the best pill the best

selling pill in the world until then

we gotta get them eight hours next up is

buying a car above

your pay grade and that is a grave


that so many guys make right because you

want a nice car who doesn’t want to

drive a nice car

of course but a lot of times you get

your first paycheck you know your first

bonus and you’re like man

i’m gonna get some nice clothes and i

mean a car you know and that’s okay but

rather than buying a car that’s going to

serve you the purpose that’s going to

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bring you from a to b

and it’s comfortable and it’s nice

you’re gonna go for something a lot

higher that you’re like stretching your

budget for and maybe even putting


at risk for that’s not worth it man that

is not worth it not yet look i worked at


full time for three years i had a

six-figure salary

i had bonuses i had stocks insurance it

was an amazing job

i was driving my seven-year-old

hyundai sonata it had like 80 000 miles

on it and

it was fine you know what i mean like

yeah i could have gotten something

better i could have upgraded at any


but why it was paid off so i didn’t have

to pay anything besides

gas maintenance and insurance right it

did its job so i didn’t upgrade until

much later on and here’s another thing

that most people don’t think about

before they buy that nice car

insurance price is going to go up

maintenance price is going up

if you’re driving somewhere and you

don’t want to park on the street

right because it’s a nice car now you

got a valet or parking

under in a covered garage that’s more

expensive now

something i want to get serious with you

guys about this last mistake is really


right this is being addicted to

something in anything

really this is one of the most

destructive mistakes that you can ever


especially in your youth because not

only can it cause you a lot of health

problems and psychological damage you

can also

go broke into trying to feed these

addictions no matter what they are

i’m talking about you know drugs alcohol


really anything else anything that’s

like i need this in my life i cannot

live my life without this

is is too much it’s intense it’s

addictive and i understand

i go drinking on the weekends i smoke a

cigar once in a while

it’s okay but what i’m saying is make

sure that you’re not getting addicted be

honest with yourself

and if you can stay two three weeks

without drinking or smoking or

whatever it is that you’re doing that’s

great but if you’re telling me you can’t

go a week

without doing that you’re addicted man

just be honest with yourself remember

that you can always talk to someone

about it get help

asap to make sure that you’re not making

the same mistake over and over again

guys make sure to check out geology they

have amazing skincare products all you

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needs to make sure that you’re getting

those goals you’re hitting your health

goals and your skin goals

make sure that your skin looks

incredible it’s the first link below

you can always subscribe if you want to

learn more about skin care about


fashion and so much more and you can

find me on instagram and tick tock i

post there pretty much every single day

it’s at alex costa thank you guys so

much for watching and i’ll see you again

very very soon peace