7 Hair Health Mistakes You’re Making

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when i meet you guys out

in the street you guys come up to me and

you say hey you’re the hair guy from

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which we’ll talk about very soon and one

of the lessons that i’ve learned on my

journey to become

the hair guy is that you can have an

amazing haircut by this incredible


but if you don’t take care of your hair

on your own

in a day-to-day basis then it won’t

matter your hair needs to be healthy and


in order for it to look good so today i

want to give you the seven biggest

mistakes that you’re making when it

comes to your hair health and by the way

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the first mistake that i know a lot of

guys make

and i know this because i used to do it

myself you know i was one of these guys

is aggressive towel drying after your

shower this is the problem when you come

out of the shower your hair is obviously


and when your hair is wet it’s also very

fragile it’s heavier and it’s stickier

because of the water so you need to be

careful i know most guys just come out

of the shower grab a towel and they use

all the force in the world to dry their


dude take it down a notch go easy pat

dry because your hair will definitely

break otherwise and that’s gonna cause

your hair to look thinner

uneven and unhealthy another huge

mistake that i’ve been trying to get

out there to every guy who watches my

channel i’ve been saying this for a

while but if you’re new here you

probably don’t know

washing your hair with shampoo every day

is actually going to damage your hair

and the reason for that is because

shampoo is made to strip

out all of the chemicals the products

from your hair but in doing that it also

ends up stripping away

all of the natural oils from your hair

and your scalp that means it’s going to

dry your hair out which is not

good right instead skip shampoo days and

only wash with water exfoliate with your


and water and that’s good enough you can

even apply conditioner every day if you

want to just not

shampoo and even for the guys who like

me work out every single day you should


skip shampoo days just use water that’s

plenty now let’s say your hair is

  Men's Fitness


it’s not looking as full and healthy as

it once

did a huge mistake is thinking that you

can’t fight that and that your hair

can’t improve

after a certain age that is not true you

don’t have to sit there

and watch as your hair falls out of your

head or you know become

super unhealthy and dull there are ways

to get your hair looking full

shiny and healthy again in today’s video

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than ever the next mistake is for you

guys who have just started blow drying

your hair i know a lot of you just

started doing that because

i taught you how to do that which is

amazing by the way welcome to the blow

drying gang you know it just really

makes the whole difference i could never

achieve this hairstyle if i didn’t blow

dry my hair right so if you don’t blow

dry yet

make sure that you get a blow dryer and

learn how to manipulate it how to use it

but the one thing you can’t do is just

blow dry your hair

without applying anything to your hair

why because the heat from the blow dryer

or the heat from a flat iron if you use


it’s going to definitely damage your

hair it’s going to dry it out

so you need to apply a heat protectant

before blow drying your hair and what a

heat protectant does

like this argan oil here is it basically

creates a thin

barrier between your hair and the heat

and that allows you to blow dry your

hair safely without doing any damage so

make sure that you’re applying a heat

protectant before blow dry this next one

is kind of a new one as well

a lot of guys used gel back in the day


included i i’ll try to see if there’s a

photo of me

with spiked gelled up hair and uh it

wasn’t cool man i looked like i belonged

an n

sync it just looked bad it looked greasy

don’t use gel it’s just not that good

alex why shouldn’t i use gel it’s been

around forever

well that’s probably one of the reasons

it’s been around for way too long

it was not good back then there’s so

many better products nowadays

most gels have alcohol and not the fun


it makes your hair look greasy right it

just does not look good

if you want the wet look then go for a

pomade and it makes your hair look

greasy which makes it look dirty and

really oily

if you want that wet look then go for a


you know this is like the new gel it’s a

lot better

uh it they’re usually a lot healthier

for your hair and it doesn’t make your

hair look greasy next up i’m going to

give you guys a tip that really changed

the way that i

slept and how my hair looked in the

morning i swear to you guys when i wake


my hair looks like kind of like that and

i just go like this and it goes right

back into place

and this next tip is gonna help you do

the same that is sleeping with a

cotton pillowcase is really bad for your

  8 Ways to Style a Polo


sleeping with a silk pillowcase is a lot

better and i’ll tell you exactly why the

cotton pillowcase is

scratchy it’s not as soft and smooth

as a silk of course so that means that

when you have your face

on the cotton pillowcase you’re you know

you’re sleeping and you kind of move

around and you’re rubbing your head on


you’re breaking your hair it’s pulling

your hair you’re also sweating in it

it’s just not the same

silk pillowcase on the other hand is a

lot better because it’s a lot smoother

so it’s not gonna tug

or pull your hair as you’re sleeping and


it is so smooth it’s so nice i love

sleeping in a silk pillowcase because it

just it just feels

like luxury in pro tip it’s only like 20

bucks on amazon man so why not this next


is something that i’ve seen a lot of my

friends do and i’m telling you i am

i do the complete opposite of it because

especially this year the mistake is not

changing up your hairstyle

often and the problem with that is it’s

boring it’s just boring to have the same


all the time how many hairstyles have i

had this year

a lot and i’m having fun with it i don’t

know how how long this is going to last

i know you guys love it i love it too

don’t get me wrong but i want to change

it up man i had this hairstyle in 2019

and i want something different so i

might change it up very soon and i

highly recommend you do the same because

one day when you’re older you’re going

to look at those photos on your

instagram or look at those photos in

your photo album and say wow look at my

hair it looked crazy it looked so

different i tried this i tried that

i dyed it platinum blonde i let it grow

i got a buzz cut thank you so much

nutrifoal for sponsoring today’s video

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