5 Sneaker Rules EVERY GUY Should Follow

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now i don’t know about where you

live but thankfully where i live things

are opening up and hopefully where you

live as well

well today i have five sneaker rules

that every guy should

follow remember though these are

guidelines that i recommend you know

rules to consider

from past experiences from mistakes that

i’ve made for sure

and you guys have definitely called me

out on it so i’m gonna talk to you guys

about those but also

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in just a little bit the first rule

today’s video

is never wear sneakers with no

socks this is a no-go

zone man i’ve done that before not

because i

liked the look but i just didn’t have

time and so sometimes i’m shooting

i’ll be honest with you guys a lot of my

photos on instagram sometimes i don’t

have socks on because i’m like changing


in the streets and like in the back of

my car that’s just how it works

if you’re shooting it is not comfortable

it your

feet are gonna sweat you get sweaty


uncomfortable if you’re actually walking

around for more than five minutes

you get blisters it hurts your toes your

ankles if you’re wearing high tops you


like it’s just not good but alex how do

you get the no

sock look i like showing my ankles well

dude that’s why they have no-show socks

right sometimes a lot of guys will wear

loafers with a suit

for example no-show socks that is the

way to go no-show socks

will just barely cover your toes and

your heel

that is all you need and nowadays longer

socks like mid length ankle length socks

are in style they’re trendy so get some

socks man they’re pretty affordable you

can get them

anywhere but remember please do not wear

sneakers with no

socks it’s not gonna end up well rule

number two

is have a variety of footwear not just

white sneakers or black sneakers or

height beast sneakers a lot of people

just buy one right the one

the jordans right and then that’s it

they don’t have anything else they wear


every single day that’s a mistake i

would even go as far as saying that it’s

better for you to buy

three more affordable sneakers than one

really expensive sneaker

because it just you get more variety

right if you’re going to school

if you’re going to work if you’re seeing

friends they’re going to see you wearing

that one

pair of sneakers every single time you

see them

right now if you have three then you can

switch on and off

mix and match and that’s going to make

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now the next rule

i’ve broken and i’ve been called out for

it it was like one of my lookbooks here

on the channel

i was wearing adidas sneakers like

running sneakers with nike

compression like leggings kind of you

know and man

wow you guys were some you guys hated

that and i learned my

lesson right this was like years and

years ago but

the lesson is do not mix competing

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and you can mix different brands that

aren’t so competitive like if you mix

for example

an under armour t-shirt with nike


that’s okay but i would say when brands

are that competitive like

nike and adidas people are gonna have a

problem with it

and i know it’s annoying because adidas

they make

amazing sneakers and i like the fit from

the shorts from nike and it’s

but that’s just how it is it just looks


it almost looks like hey man why don’t

you why don’t you make up your mind

which one do you like in reality i like


but the thing is it looks off there’s


it just does not look right it’s like

driving a lamborghini

and then you have the key to the

lamborghini with a ferrari keychain

it’s cool they’re both amazing brands it


doesn’t work together there’s a little

hack and you can definitely get away

with it sometimes

if the logos aren’t very visible right i

have these adidas shorts

that they have three stripes in the back

but it’s black on black so you can’t

really see it

so i wear those with nike sneakers all

the time

don’t tell anyone but you can’t really

tell so it’s completely fine i get away

with it so you can too

next up is not wearing baggy pants with

a modern

or sleek type of shoes why when you have

baggy pants and then you wear really


modern the thin shoes the sleek type of


it’s gonna look like you have really

small shoes it’s gonna look like you

have small

feet so it does not work together the

same way that if you’re wearing skinny

jeans and then you wear really chunky


it looks like you have massive feet so

keep that in mind

when you’re pairing your bottoms with

your sneakers because otherwise it’s

just going to throw the whole outfit off

for example i just got these boots here

from alexander mcqueen they are

absolutely beautiful they’re a little

bright right now but

check them out right but they’re very

chunky they’re pretty big

so wearing this with skinny jeans this

is all you would see

my whole outfit would be skinny and then


massive beast of boots or i don’t know

are they these boots i guess the guests

are boots they’re like a combination of


and boots i think they’re super dope but

i would never wear these with skinny

jeans it just does

not work and vice versa if these were

very sleek

thin shoes i would not wear baggy pants

because it would get

completely covered by the bagginess of

the pants let’s get into a polarizing

topic here i know that we you guys have

asked me this question before and i’ll

tell you my answer in a second but

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can you wear just casual white

sneakers or sneakers in general with a


and my answer is yes i’ve seen people

pull it off really well

i have done it many many times and i

think it looks great

some guys the suit sticklers are gonna

say no you should always wear leather

shoes you know formal shoes

that’s not what i think i think if you

wear sneakers with a suit

there’s a few rules that you have to

keep in mind because sneakers used to be

allowed in the office only on casual

fridays right back in the day but now

according to a study by

harvard business school casually dressed

people tend to appear more confident

it’s interesting because i think it

almost makes them look like they’re not

trying too hard

right if you’re wearing a suit to work

you’re trying pretty hard to get noticed

to look professional to look a little

bit older and if you’re wearing

something like this

you’re not you’re just being cool you’re

just being yourself now these for

example have a very clean design

right i would say if they’re all black

that works as well if they’re all

gray or beige or white that also works

this is as busy as i would get sneakers

for to wear in a suit because they have

three different colors even though

you know it’s still gray black and white

just very easy to mix and match it’s

very classy it’s not very loud

so something like this definitely works

now if you’re gonna wear sneakers

with a suit then your suit needs to have

a slim

silhouette the pants should kind of just

braids the top of the

the shoe here or a little bit higher

even so that you can see your ankles


no show socks here would be ideal so the

answer is yes

you can wear sneakers with a suit just

have to keep a few rules in mind

wear the right sneakers you know don’t

try to wear something crazy because it’s

not going to work

and when you’re doing your sneaker

shopping definitely check out karma it

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thank you guys so much for watching and

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