10 things A Man Should NEVER Do

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you to be respected i want you to

succeed but to do that you need to stay

away from these 10 things 10 things that

a man should never ever do by the way hi

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now let’s get into this video so the

first tip for today is to never stay in

a toxic relationship let me say this


never stay in a toxic relationship most

guys don’t like to admit this right

because when you’re in a toxic

relationship you don’t think of it as

toxic because if you thought of it as

toxic you would leave so you come up

with excuses as to why you should stay

in this relationship well

you know

there’s good times

once a week once a month we have a good

time when we go out and we’re in public

that’s not good enough you know good

enough in a relationship is not good

enough man you want great you want

amazing you want positive you want

someone that’s going to uplift you toxic

relationships have a way of messing you

up wrecking your personality your career

i mean

who knows right it can lead to some

really bad things so i’m here to tell

you guys that if you find yourself in a

relationship that you are just not happy

in do yourself a favor just let it go

it’ll be okay in the end let it go

find something new or just be by

yourself that is completely fine the one

thing you cannot do

is stay in a toxic relationship so

remember that next on today’s list

something else that you should not be

doing is following the crowd right just

going with the flow which is okay

sometimes but to a degree most of the

time we’re okay with doing whatever else

everyone is doing because it’s easier

and it’s more comfortable right it’s

easy and it does take more work to go

out of your way to do your own thing but

i’ll tell you that is so so much better

in today’s world you can be anything you

want to be you can be whoever you want

to be and it is not okay for you to just

want to blend in for you to just want to

be invisible blend in with the crowd

follow the crowd that’s not good enough

man be yourself find your own

personality find your own style whatever

it is but be yourself and the cool thing

is that there are so many ways to be

your own person that comes from your own

fashion sense right change up your style

from your hairstyle to your beard right

that comes from your hobbies anything

different that you might want to try you

don’t have to do the same exact thing

that your neighbor is doing or your

brothers and sisters are doing do your

own thing if they’re playing you know

guitar who cares go be a skydiver it

doesn’t matter the best advice i can

give you is to just try new things until

you find something that you absolutely

love and then create a passion for

yourself and follow through the next

thing that not only men but also women

should not be doing ever is having

negative thoughts about themselves these

negative thoughts that you have about

yourself right because the thing is they

always say that your biggest cheerleader

is yourself right and the same way that

your biggest critic is yourself so you

have a really

deep impact your thoughts have a deep

impact on the kind of person that you

are so if you always have these negative

thoughts about yourself it pulls you

down it breaks your confidence it makes

you the worst version of yourself

because if you do anything that is wrong

and then you beat yourself up over it

it’s over man it is absolutely over

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you’re not gonna be able to get over

that hurdle so what you have to do is

make a conscious effort to make yourself

feel better to think positive thoughts

about yourself right to let go of this

limiting mindset that you get sometimes

that i get sometimes all of us do but i

am very good at understanding that i’m

doing that and just be like yo alex come

on dude stop stop you got this let’s go

right that’s the same mindset that you

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next thing that a man should never ever

do is make fun of another man’s source

of income no matter what it is no matter

how much it is that is off limits you

know what people do to make their money

what people do

with their money

unless you’re a family

it’s not up to you man let them do

whatever it is you can give them advice

but never make fun never ridicule

someone for what they’re doing i always

mention that i think it’s really

important to talk about finances and

being open and saying the word money

because if you don’t you don’t learn

about it you have to learn about

finances you have to learn about money

but if there’s anything that is kind of


out of reach it’s making fun of

somebody’s money or job or income that

is a low blow that is actually pretty

rude so stay away from that that is not

something that a man should ever ever do

now still on this issue kind of

you know of restraint is a guy should

never ever display anger or act rudely

towards anyone you know i get it we’re

guys and sometimes you got testosterone

going and you want to fight or whatever

you want to you know raise your voice


even no matter how annoying this person

is don’t let them get under your skin

don’t let them get on your nerves you

know they’re going to frustrate you and

absolutely ruin your day if you let that

happen right but the good thing is you

can always control your emotions

whatever this person’s saying can

literally just be blocked by a barrier

that is in front of you you can go in

this year out the other you turn around

go back home and live your beautiful

life and that is it or you can let it

affect you and all of a sudden your day

is completely ruined so my advice is the

first option right in this ear out the

other peace out dude you’re annoying

you’re a dick i don’t want to deal with

it see ya that is the best response that

is amazing props to you if you can do

that right that is a win so practice

restraint and uh don’t display your

anger even if you are kind of on the

same vein here if you get angry for

whatever reason and you know you want to

get physical do not get into fights i

have seen so many of my friends like

back in high school get into fights you

know they break their nose and teeth and

then they get

the tension or suspension from school or

they get into actual legal trouble or


because this guy said this about you

because this guy called you a name

because this guy said something it’s

just not worth it it is not worth it

like i said turn around peace out go

live your life this person is clearly in

distress this person is clearly angry

but you have an option you can go ahead

and fight with this person or you can go

have an amazing rest of your day i would

say go have an amazing rest of your day

this next one is something that we see a

lot and i got a lot of questions about

this is guys who are going completely

out of their way to impress a girl right

whatever you do do not try really really

hard to impress a girl i think it’s

crazy the lengths that some guys go just

to impress this girl sometimes they

don’t even know who this girl is if

she’s interested or not it’s like an

instagram girl like come on guys stop

trying to like throw money at things

showing off stop trying to do everything

and anything for this person that you

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don’t even know yet

if you are a good person if you guys

click on it on a personal level things

will work out you don’t have to i think

it’s great to try to impress and

surprise but you don’t have to become a

different person just for someone else

be yourself and if you’re trying to

become the best version of yourself i

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something else that you cannot ever ever

do as a man is break your word right

we know how much it hurts when someone

gives you their word and then doesn’t

stay true to it especially if it’s

somebody that you care about you lose

trust in that person i feel like you act

differently around them all of a sudden

because you don’t really trust them

right so it’s kind of like once you

break that trust that initial trust that

you have

with someone it’s really hard to build

that back up it is really fragile too so

you have to be careful anything that you

say make sure that you stick to it as a

man or say hey i’m so sorry this is not

possible anymore but let me make it up

to you that is what a respectable man

would do same goes for cheating right

it’s the same thing

make sure that you keep your word don’t

do it cheating is the habit of a

dishonest greeting person cheating makes

you look your absolute worst whether

you’re in a relationship or a game

or work whatever just try to be as

honest as possible because you don’t

want to hurt someone right emotionally


you’re playing games and it first of all

it’s gonna look horrible for you

and you’re gonna hurt other people so

regardless of the reason there is just

no justification for cheating and

finally something that a man should

never ever do especially if they watch

my channel you should not forget to be

well groomed as a guy grooming should be

a part of your everyday life because

your appearance says so much about you

it determines how people look at you

right that first impression they will

judge you no matter whether you like it

or not they’re going to judge you it’s

going to happen so why not be impeccable

with your grooming look my beard is

getting longer right i’m letting it grow

but you can see that it’s lined up you

can see that it’s i’m trying i know i

put some beard oil in there i’m trying

to make it look nice right so you can


rugged and manly or whatever but there’s

a way to do it without looking like a

caveman so yes make sure you get your

nails cleaned and you know make sure

that you get a haircut make sure that

you trim your beard properly look

presentable and opportunities will come

your way trust me and guys do not forget

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