10 Manly Things Every Man Needs To Own

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the first item on today’s list

is a toolbox with of course tools inside

now this is the number one thing

every guy should have in his house for

those times when you have to fix

a broken pipe or fix a wall or you know

loose screw or pretty much anything

right you can keep borrowing

your neighbors or you know calling

someone to help you out but

you have to be able to fix at least the

minor things in your home by yourself

that is why you need a toolbox from you

know traditional hand tools like a

hammer and pliers to more modern tools

you know like a cordless

drill for example every guy should

probably have those

at home i have one i use it all the time

also guys a side note i went to a home

improvement store the other day

and i felt like an adult man i was like

wow this is disneyland you have all the

tools here

that’s when you know you’re getting old

next on the list

something that every guy definitely

needs at home is a corkscrew

look let’s look at the scenario right

you have a girl over for a nice


dinner or maybe you just ordered

something it doesn’t matter you have the


you have the works you have the entire

package but then

when it’s time to pour the wine you

forgot that you don’t have a corkscrew


now i don’t want anything like that to

happen to you guys so you need

to have a corkscrew this is something

that is a mistake that i’ve definitely


and it was embarrassing so make sure

that you guys have one at home even if

you don’t drink that much

if you drink once in a while like i do i

like to have one just in case a friend

comes over

i do have bottles of wine waiting here

and if they want to drink i have the

wine i have the corkscrew i have the

wine glasses

highly recommend you guys do the same

they’re also pretty affordable so you

can get them on amazon just make sure

you have something

so that you don’t have a bottle of wine

with nothing to open now something that

i got into recently probably over the


two years or so is cigars now let me get

this out of the way

smoking is not good for you it’s it’s

really not so i’m not telling you to

smoke every day i’m saying

that i definitely enjoy a casual cigar

with my friends and when i do

i like to smoke la aurora cigars they

were kind enough to sponsor today’s

video which is

awesome because it’s a hobby that i

truly enjoy and that i want to learn

more about because i mean look at the


movies right al pacino and scarface look

at arnold schwarzenegger

look at jack nicholson they all smoke

cigars casually it’s a cool hobby

that is for sure and what i like about

cigars is that you can enjoy it for a

long time it takes a while to smoke a

cigar it’s

very enjoyable my friends and i will sit

outside we’ll chat for a long time about


cars whatever you know and you will

smoke a cigar and the fact that you can


so much about the cigars and the

  Trying EVERYTHING in My Closet

craftsmanship the passion

that goes into making one of these guys

la aurora was started in 1903

they’re dominican cigars that’s a lot of

history there’s a lot that goes into


so if you’re just getting into the finer

things in life like a cigar here and


if you’re looking to learn more about

cigars then definitely start with a

la aurora cigars these are very high end

with a variety of flavor notes so

whether you’re beginner

or a cigar expert and aurora has a cigar

for you

and actually they even help you by

giving you a form to fill out

and once you answer those questions they

will tailor your choices

and tell you exactly what you should be

smoking what kind of cigar you would

appreciate more this is the thing the

tradition of cigars the manliness

there’s just something about smoking a

cigar once in a while that’s

unbeatable it’s a cool feeling so

definitely check out la rora’s website


it’s gonna be the first link in the

description below i’m actually gonna be

smoking one of these today i’m gonna be

watching the f1 race

with some of my friends i’m pumped this

plus formula one

it’s just the perfect combo next up guys

and this i

if you don’t have this yet man if you’re

a subscriber here of the channel

it’s time for an upgrade you need a

grooming kit all right and i’ve talked a

lot about this so if you’re a long time


i know you have a group but if you’re

not please every guy needs a grooming

kit to achieve that

you know clean cut look no one wants to

show up looking like a caveman or

with bushy hair and a crazy beard if you

go to a job interview or a date so get a


so that you can keep yourself neat

presentable a good grooming kit

i’m talking about you know nail clippers

i’m talking about

making sure that you have a trimmer for

your beard right all of these things

guys need these things you want to make

sure that you look good

you don’t have to overdo it you don’t

have to spend 45 minutes getting ready

every day

but make sure that you look presentable

gentlemen is the key word here what

would a gentleman

do i always look at you know james bond

double seven and i’m like what would he


he’s obviously gonna look sharp every

step of the way so that’s

what you guys should be thinking about

as well staying on this james bond

theme you know no matter how well

groomed you are the ultimate way

to look i mean there’s no other word

rather than awesome it is a suit

it’s a well-tailored suit a suit makes

you look like the perfect gentleman it

makes you look stylish sophisticated


respect makes you look like you’re in


but you can’t really pull that off that

feeling you know being a respectable

gentleman if your suit doesn’t fit you

all so rather than going for some cheap

off-the-rack suit that will make you

look cheap and unkept go for a

well-tailored suit with premium quality

that’s made just for you so make sure

that you’re getting a and if you do get

off the rack it’s totally fine i have a

lot of suits off the rack get it


that will make a huge difference most of

the time

the suits that you get off the rack you

know for a couple hundred bucks

they’re okay but they won’t fit you

perfectly and that makes a difference

guys getting a suit tailored will make

you look so much

better it takes it up a notch it takes

you to the next

level i’ve been getting more and more

  Hi! Hej! Bonjour !I am Damien, digital product designer specialised in accessibility.

into suits i’ve never really

liked them until recently i think

quarantine changed i can’t wear

sweatpants anymore man i want to dress


and if you guys are feeling the same way

make sure that you get a suit and make

sure that you get it daily perfectly so

that you can look like a gentleman as

well and to go with that suit

maintaining this gentleman vibe that we

have here every man needs a watch

you know no matter what type of watch it

depends on your budget you know watches

can vary from 50 bucks to

millions of dollars nowadays right so

you don’t have to go for a really

expensive watch

i got this rolex here when i reached a

million subscribers

on this youtube channel it was a trophy

for me it was a gift

for myself but before this watch i never

had any expensive watches and i’ve


loved watches i just couldn’t really

afford one didn’t really see the need to

spend that much money on a watch

so i was perfectly fine with other

watches and that’s what i’m telling you

guys you do not need

to spend big money on a watch as long as

it’s a classy walk you know sometimes i

see guys wearing

a big gold watch massive and it’s not

even like a nice

brand with any heritage it’s just a big

gold watch massive that’s not a good


it doesn’t look like you’re a gentleman

it just looks like you’re being loud

and obnoxious so make sure that you get

something that is classy make sure you

get something

that is professional that is versatile

right and if you’re going to get

something that is

not professional then go for something

fun something different doesn’t have to

be from this brand it can be from any

other brand

but just something that is a little bit

more fun that brings a cool vibe to your


ideally though i would say get a watch

that is either stainless steel

or something with a black or brown band

that’s going to be more versatile

that’s going to be way classier than

anything blue or yellow or

all of those fun colors that there’s

definitely a place for them

but it’s not in your versatility scale

it’s not that great

another item that you definitely need to

get right now

is a slim wallet right no i i can’t


a big wallet filled with receipts and

photos and

it’s just too much why there’s no it

looks like a burger right it’s like

why it’s like you have this bold bulge

in your back pocket and then you sit

down and you’re literally

sideways because there’s there’s a

wallet on one side in your back pocket

it’s horrible get something that is thin

something that is classy modern

you can put your credit cards you know

up to like four or five credit cards

some cash and that is it there’s nothing

else that needs to go in your wallet

when it comes to wallets just remember

that sleek

is the way to go do not get a bulky


that does not look good it looks messy

and it just gives you more room for

stuff that you don’t need

to be honest recently i’ve even just

been using a card holder

the one that attaches to my phone here

and that is it so i walk around with

three cards

nothing else now something that i’ve

always loved even as a

kid is a week in their bag man there’s

just something

so classy so cool about that look

you know like every campaign from all of

these designer stores designer brands

it’s all like the guy with the week in

their bag you know with the convertible

  8 Ways to Style a Polo

car and he’s got the trunk open he’s

about to put the bag

it just looks so cool so i’ve always

liked those bags so this weekend

shoulder bag is a perfect travel bag if

you’re looking to get away for a few


you want to you know pack a lot of stuff

if you’re going away for the weekend


you know you don’t really want a rolling

suitcase you just want something that’s

a little bit lighter so you can just

throw it over your shoulder

look super cool and go that is the best

the weekender bag there’s just something

about it even if you’re going to your

friend’s house

right you’re going over and you want to

bring some stuff whatever it is maybe

some video games honestly anything

cigars whatever

you want the weekender shoulder bag

that’s the way to go it’s way classier

than a backpack

way classier than a tote of any kind

that’s why i highly recommend you guys

check them out now

one of the signs that a man is is classy

is artwork and the type of artwork that

he has at home

now i just moved into my own place you

know i bought this place recently

you see that i have a little bit of

artwork here but i have a lot of other

things that i had to purchase from my

home and it’s funny because you start to

understand what kind of

artwork speaks to you as a man you

really have to you want something that’s

super colorful and crazy or you want

something that’s classy and black and

white and minimalist which is

more of my style but there’s so much


stylish aesthetically pleasing artwork

and i definitely think you guys should


paying more attention to them if you

live in a bedroom in your parents house

that’s still okay you should still have

something on the wall and start learning

more and more about

artwork so that when you move into your

own places

then you can have your own aesthetic

then you could have your own

style then you can make your place look

amazing instead of doing what i did

which is i moved and i’m like i have no

idea what to put on these walls man i

i’ve never done this before

i used to have some crazy flags like you


when i was a teenager it was bad so i

had to learn myself and i think it’s

something that you should be learning

early on and since we’re talking about

home improvements and decor

let’s talk about home fragrance you guys

should definitely have some type of home

fragrance whether it’s

candles or a diffuser or some spray

anything that will make your

house your home smell amazing right

i think it’s really important that when

somebody walks into your home they get

the vibe

they understand that this is a clean

home this smells amazing

and this is a gentleman that lives here

so definitely make sure that you guys

are looking into home fragrances

even if it’s just for your bedroom so

that your place smells

incredible and of course don’t forget to

check out la aurora cigars

they were kind enough to sponsor today’s

video i’m so excited man

i’m so pumped to smoke one of these

today and watch the f1 if you guys like

the f1

let me know in the comment section down

below who what what’s your team who’s

your driver

i want to know all of it let me know in

the comment section down below

and i’ll see you guys again very very

soon peace